Treatment with folk remedies

Herbal treatment, folk remedies. Recipes of traditional medicine.

Balm for health.

Balms health.

Balm for health.

How to make your Balm for health.

I do not seek refuge in the rare cases of health problems to healing compositions — health balms, as I call them.

Some recipes I want to share:
The first balm — from potency problems.
Kernels — a glass of milk goat — 2 cups. Eat nuts daily glass of milk and drink 2 cups to drink all day.
The course — a month.

Balm for health.

Another balm treats anemia, emaciation after surgery and even, say, tuberculosis.
Ingredients: goose fat — 100 g aloe juice — 15 g of cocoa powder — 10 g Mix all. Heat on low heat, stirring occasionally to avoid burnt.
Cool. Put in a glass jar. Keep refrigerated.
Take a tablespoon dissolved in a glass of hot milk,
2-4 times per day.

«Fit» Balm.

Mix a teaspoon of herb nettle, knotweed, wild rose. Pour collection of 1.5 cups of boiling water, leave for 3 hours or just a drink. The course — a month.


Balm for health.

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