Treatment with folk remedies

Herbal treatment, folk remedies. Recipes of traditional medicine.


Treatment of dysbiosis colon.


Different probiotics: Linex, Bifidobak, Simbiolakt at therapeutic doses. DysbiosisTo restore microbiocenosis recommended functional food combined with milk products, vitamins and trace elements (algae, spirulina).
To ensure the stability of the microbial balance except the above treatment, it is recommended the use of dairy products (kefir, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, butter) enriched active lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.


The diet should be indifferent, maloshlakovoy, non-irritating, but containing a sufficient amount of protein (at least 120-140 g), fat (100-120 g) and carbohydrates (300-450 g), i.e. complete, with more or less pronounced mechanical and chemical shchazhenija depending on the stage of the disease.

Main products: boiled lean meat, fish, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, white stale bread, pasta products, bran, pectin-containing products (boiled beets, baked apples, raw grated carrots).

The duration of the diet must be strictly individualized and determined by the condition of the patient and concomitant diseases. Meals should be varied and balanced. to exclude them from the diet in case of intolerance of certain products.


In fermentation processes restrict carbohydrates, milk fat, particularly in crude form. Assign protein foods boiled, broth, soup, eggs. We recommend decoctions of mint, chamomile, cranberries, barberry, dogwood, wild rose, calendula, sage, raspberry, strawberry.
Use bay leaves, cloves.

When putrid dyspepsia limit meat, fats, vegetable show meals during the week. For herbs and plant products, overwhelming putrefactive processes include apricot, currant, mountain ash, cranberry, lemon balm, thyme, wormwood.

When fungal dysbacteriosis recommended peppers and cranberries.
In order to ensure microbial stability recommended balance the use of kefir, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, enriched with active lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.



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