Treatment with folk remedies

Herbal treatment, folk remedies. Recipes of traditional medicine.


How to use herbs, cytostatics?


Cytotoxic drugs interrupt the chain of diseases. Slow down the progression of cancer.
Herbal cytotoxic drugs are toxic herbs. They are used in small doses. Very good effect from mistletoe. Take Periwinkle (small and pink), fig tree, dolls, hemlock, aconite, crocus gorgeous.


• Take Hemlock using the drop-by-drop method. Start with 1 drop of 10% tincture of hemlock at the reception. Daily for 1 drop increase the dose. Bring up to 40 drops at the reception. Then, «go down the hill down», reducing the dose of tincture to 1 drop every day.When a 79-day course of treatment with a hepatite is completed, a one-week break is made, then repeated treatment. It is recommended to carry out 2 or 3 courses of treatment.Hemlock is taken once a day in the morning on an empty stomach .
However, with 3 or 4 degrees of cancer where there are metastases, hemlock should be taken in a similar manner, two or three times daily one hour before meals. The maximum dose of hemlock — 120 drops of tincture of 10% per day. After treatment hemlock need to conduct blood purification one of the plants such as burdock, white nettle or lespeditsa.


• It is also best to make 10% tincture from mistletoe shoots. It takes 10 drops (with water) 3 times a day. One hour before a meal or an hour after.

• 10% of the aconite tincture takes a «slide» between 1 drop and up to 15 drops per reception (3 times daily before meals). Then reduce — 15 drops of aconite tincture to 1 drop. Spend 2-3 treatments. Between the courses there is a one-week break in the admission of aconite. At this time, take cleansing herbs. You can take lepepticium, dandelion, burdock or other herbs with a diuretic and detoxifying effect. It is also necessary to clean before treating other poisonous herbs.

• Of the roots (tubers) Colchicum speciosum is 10% tincture. These are taken as follows: 10 drops 3 times a day for short courses. Month drink, break for a week. It is desirable to hold such a course 2-3 times.



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