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Insomnia treatment.

All diseasesI from nerves.

Insomnia treatment.

Most of us do not take seriously the problem of insomnia and neuroses. Insomnia treatment. And completely in vain. In many ways it is through these ailments — insomnia and neuroses — many diseases come to us. And if you do not pay attention to your nervous system in time, you can regret it later. No wonder the popular rumor says: all diseases are from nerves.

Baths with fir oil favorably influence the nervous system, relax muscles well, relieve fatigue and rejuvenate the body. Sleep becomes calm, deep. The bath of hot water should be 3-5 g of oil. The duration of taking such a bath is 20-30 minutes.

And I want to suggest one recipe using fir oil — ointment for the treatment of wet eczema. Prepare ointment on a fat basis (baby cream, goose, badger fat, unsalted fat).
The composition of the ointment: fir oil — 30-40%, fats — 60-70%. The composition is thoroughly stirred and applied to the sore spot. Top covered with compress paper. Repeat 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment is from 12 to 24 days.


Insomnia treatment.

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