Spring diet.

Easy ways to lose weight.

Spring diet.

Spring diet is suitable for women. After all, spring makes us take off our clothes, showing sometimes unsightly parts of our body. To prevent this from happening, you need to take care of your forms in advance and go on a diet. Spring diet.

The best weight loss system in this period of the year is the spring diet. The spring diet is different in that it removes subcutaneous fat, without restricting our body to beneficial microelements and vitamins.

This diet exists in several variants.

The spring diet is realized in a variety of ways. These options vary among themselves only the menu, the basic principles of the diet are preserved.

Easy ways to lose weight. Spring diet. Option number 1.

The spring diet prohibits the use of bananas and other sweet fruits. All other vegetables and fruits must be consumed within reasonable limits. It is obvious that sugar in its pure form also does not accept the spring diet. Dairy products should not be fat, and from beverages the spring diet allows only green tea, mineral and plain water. One glass of mineral water is recommended to drink before each meal, as the spring diet wishes. The diet should be as follows:

— for breakfast (spring diet) — 125 grams of cottage cheese, one toast with one teaspoon of honey or a couple of crackers, tea or coffee;

— for the second breakfast (spring diet) — green vegetables and a couple of fruits;

— for lunch (spring diet) — beetroot, okroshka or vegetable soup, chicken breast without skin or boiled lean meat, garnish with green vegetables and 3 tablespoons of green peas;

— for a snack (spring diet) — a toast or a pair of crackers, a variety of vegetables, which if desired can be filled with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, 125 g of cottage cheese;

— Dinner (spring diet) — several fruits and low-fat yogurt.

Spring diet. Option number 2. Easy ways to lose weight.

This spring diet is designed for seven days, for which you can lose an average of two kilograms of weight, with the following menu:

— for breakfast (spring diet) — muesli with yogurt, a couple of loaves, coffee;

— for lunch (spring diet) — vegetables or fruit. If desired, can be replaced with vegetable juice;

— for dinner (spring diet) — stewed mixture of beans, green peas, carrots and bell peppers, tea, 50 g of bitter chocolate.

Spring diet. Option number 3. Easy ways to lose weight.

The most balanced option, designed for a daily change of the menu, as a result of which there is no psychological tension, the body receives an optimal set of nutrients, the vigor and vitality remain. The feeling of hunger with such a diet is practically nonexistent.

Spring diet.

The spring diet made up a menu that is based on cereals and vegetables and is the following set of products:

Monday, breakfast (spring diet) — millet porridge with pumpkin and raisins, croutons with herbs, tea;

Lunch (spring diet) — vegetable soup, carrots stew, turnip, green onion, compote of apples and prunes;

Dinner (spring diet) — buckwheat (if desired, you can add a drop of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil), tea with lemon.

The spring diet on Tuesday offers for breakfast — porridge Hercules with dried apricots and raisins, a portion of fruit salad, jasmine tea;

Lunch (spring diet) — mushroom soup, vegetable stew, salad of rutabaga, apple and beets, compote,

Dinner (spring diet) — apple salad, beets and pumpkins, rice cabbage rolls, tea.

Wednesday, breakfast (spring diet) — rice porridge with prunes, vegetable salad, tea;

Lunch (spring diet) — cauliflower soup, blended through blender to mashed potatoes, fresh beet salad, apple and prune, fried pumpkin, tea;

Dinner (spring diet) — buckwheat, a salad of fresh turnips and carrots, tea.

Thursday, breakfast (spring diet) — muesli with natural juice or yogurt, fruit, flower tea;

Lunch (spring diet) — millet soup with tomatoes, turnip baked in the oven, salad of fresh turnips with carrots, green tea;

Dinner (spring diet) — baked apples, herbal tea.

Friday, breakfast (spring diet) — millet porridge with pumpkin, pumpkin salad, apple and honey;

Lunch (spring diet) — vegetable soup, courgettes, fresh carrot salad, beets, pumpkin, apple and greens, compote;

Dinner (spring diet) — rice cabbage rolls, beet salad, tomato and garlic, tea.

The spring diet on Saturday will be as follows: breakfast — porridge Hercules, beetroot caviar, green tea with a teaspoon of honey;

Lunch (spring diet) — borsch, stewed vegetables, baked apples (if desired with honey), fresh carrot salad with greens, fresh fruit berries;

Dinner (spring diet) — a portion of sea kale, stewed cauliflower, tea.

Sunday, breakfast (spring diet) — Guryev rice porridge, fresh fruit salad, tea;

Lunch (spring diet) — borsch with baked beets, fresh carrot salad, beets, parsley and garlic, cutlets from buckwheat and cauliflower, compote;

Dinner (spring diet) — rice with vegetables, cooked on the water, with the addition of soy sauce, herbal tea.


Spring diet.

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