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Treatment of kidney.


Treatment of kidney.

The kidneys are serious, when problems with them begin, not joyfully at all. Treatment of kidney.
When I started, I immediately rushed to the doctor, told everyone where it hurts, what pain.

Of course, I was sent for tests. I went to the polyclinic for three days. After receiving the answers, the doctor said that some sand there in my kidneys is present and can all this into stones to grow.

Treatment of kidney.

Prescriptions for medicines the doctor pushed everyone, yes only never I used medicines and are afraid of them. I heard that most of the medications are not very good on other organs, but I did not want to cure one thing and damage the other. And then I remembered method one, to be honest, I really do not remember where and when he recognized him, whether he read something in the newspaper, or heard it on the «sarafan radio».

Treatment of kidney.

Fortunately, on an absolutely natural product the method is based on a radish, and there will certainly be no harm.
It is necessary only a radish juice on a tablespoon three times a day for two weeks to have a drink. So I did.

Then he waited two weeks and, just in case, another such treatment course was held. Of course, immediately after the month of treatment, run to the doctor, again a full range of tests. As a result — a noticeable improvement, went to the amendment, you can even say, almost got rid of his sand. The pains are completely gone, but i will continue to be treated for some time, certainly for a complete cure, especially since this juice is even pleasant to the taste. Such a strong impression on me this story has produced that I decided to share it with someone. Can, someone else is useful to my simple recipe.


• A medicine that crushes stones. A very strong remedy is the ashes of eggshell eggs after they are opened and chicks come out of them. It’s good to grind, take the knife (1 g) on ​​the tip of it and boil it with boiled water or milk.
• Balsamic (balm) oil is a very powerful remedy for kidney diseases.
• Pyelonephritis: leaves of coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, hips, clover grass, barley seeds — all take 2 tbsp. Spoon, mix, grind.
Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 500 ml of water and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool at room temperature for an hour.
Strain. Drink to 1-2 tbsp. Spoon 3 times a day.
As well cured cornflower, plantain, elecampane.
• Cystitis is helped by herbs: birch leaves, bearberry, licorice root, corn stigmas.
• For lung cancer: pomegranate juice is cooked with honey (1: 2) and drunk on a tablespoon 3 times a day.
Also, powder from dried pomegranate crusts is drunk 1 g (at the tip of the knife) 3 times a day.
• A zucchini is very useful for all cancer patients.


Treatment of kidney.


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