A useful drink.

«Vigorous» water.

A useful drink.

I want to talk about a very interesting tool that helps me cope with the loads without losing energy and strength. A useful drink.
This is «orange-salt» water.

As it is clear from the title, for its preparation you need orange and salt and, of course, water itself.
Its main property is the rapid restoration of physical conditions, the ability to accumulate the vital forces of the body during the execution of large physical exertion. But I was convinced that this water can be useful not only for athletes, but for all people who perform heavy physical work.

To prepare «vigorous» water you need to mix a glass of melted water with 2 tbsp. Spoons of orange juice and 1/3 of a spoon of table salt.
My husband took a great interest in classes in the gym — pulling the bar for 3-4 hours in a row. So, he too, my recipe is very helpful.

He drinks «orange-salt» water, like me, before training, as well as a glass every 15-30 minutes during training and at least 2 glasses — after graduation. The result, he is very pleased, he says, forces seem to be adding up.
And this recipe allowed me to finally put my figure in order, because earlier I simply did not have enough physical strength after work to go to the gym.

And this cocktail gives such a surge of strength that in the evening I’m ready to move mountains. Something similar in composition of components is now sold in jars with loud names — an energy drink.
But, firstly, the pleasure is not cheap, and, secondly, it is not known what else they add.
And my drink is completely natural and really energy. Try and see for yourself.


A useful drink.

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