Adenoids in adults.

Adenoids in adults.

Alternative therapy can be used as the main one, but only by informing the attending physician and obtaining his consent. Do not self-medicate yourself, as this can lead to unforeseen and undesirable consequences.

Thuja essential oil is an ideal cure for adenoids. It successfully removes edema and eliminates inflammation, allowing you to quickly restore health. In order to use it as a medicine against adenoids, 3 drops of oil should be instilled into each nostril for 2 weeks every evening. The patient must be in a lying position during the procedure. Also, you can not get up and within 10 minutes after instillation of oil.

Mumiyo can perfectly cope with the inflammation of adenoids and help avoid surgery to remove them. Today, this valuable natural medicine is sold in the pharmacy in the form of tablets. In order to prepare drops for the treatment of the disease, you need to take 2 tablets and dissolve in 240 milliliters of warm boiled water. After that, having filtered out the composition in order to prevent insoluble particles from getting into the nose, it is used for instillation. Use this medicine once every 6 hours, instilling 4 drops of the drug into each nostril. This therapy is carried out for 14 days after which, after taking a week break, repeat the course.

Clove, which is used as a seasoning in cooking, is also a remedy for adenoids. In order to get the medicine on its basis, take 12 sticks of cloves and pour 250 milliliters of freshly boiled water. After that, having covered with a lid and insulated with a blanket, the composition is insisted until it cools completely. After filtering, it is divided into 2 equal parts and used for washing the nose in the morning and evening, using 1 part of the composition for 1 procedure. The duration of this treatment is 20 days.
Recovery can be accelerated if sea buckthorn oil is used. In order to conduct treatment, 3 drops of oil should be instilled into each nostril once every 2 hours for 7 days, taking a break only at night.

Clover-shaped budra is another natural remedy for getting rid of adenoid inflammation. To obtain a medicinal product, it is necessary to pour 1 tablespoon of crushed dry plant material with 1 cup of freshly boiled water and, putting on fire, bring to a boil again, and then boil under the lid for 10 minutes. After this, the composition is slightly cooled, so that the steam is not scorching, and inhalation lasts 5-10 minutes. This procedure is repeated 4 times a day (you can heat the same composition up to 8 times). The duration of this type of therapy is 14 days.

Adenoids in adults.

An effective tool for restoring the health of adenoids is the pericarp of a walnut. For the purpose of treatment, it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of well-ground natural raw materials and pour 1 cup of water. After that, placing on fire, the drug is brought to a boil and boiled for 6 minutes. Further, having insulated with a blanket, the product is insisted for 2 hours. Then, having filtered the decoction, it is used for instillation into the nose 4 times a day, using 4 drops in each nostril. The duration of this treatment is at least 14 days. In severe cases, therapy is carried out for 1 month.

It can also be used in the treatment of herbal collection. In order to cook it, take 1 large (tablespoon) spoon of crushed eucalyptus leaves and flowers of a pharmacy chamomile and mix with 1 \ 2 tablespoon of birch leaves. After that, 1 large spoon of this collection is placed in 1 glass of water and, boiling, boil for 2 minutes. Then, after warming the drug, it is insisted for 60 minutes and then, having carefully filtered, it is used to instill the nose 2 times a day. 4 drops of decoction should be introduced into each nostril. The duration of treatment is selected individually.

Successfully eliminate adenoids milk-honey treatment. In order to carry it out, you need to take 2 cups of heated cow’s milk, dissolve 1 teaspoon of high-quality honey in it and then beat the composition with 1 raw homemade chicken egg. The resulting preparation is drunk during the day in small sips. This medicinal drink is taken daily for 2 weeks.

The following inhalation is also useful in the treatment of adenoids: taking 1 kilogram of sea salt, it is calcined in a pan and, not allowing to cool, drip a few drops of arborvitae or sage essential oil onto the salt. If desired, you can mix the oils. Next, inhalation is carried out with rising steam, covered with a terry towel with his head. On the day, a procedure lasting 10 minutes is repeated in the morning and in the evening. In order to completely relieve inflammation, treatment is required for 14 days.

The following herb collection is also an effective remedy, for which 1 tablespoon of linden blossom, sage herb, mint leaves and raspberry leaves are used.

After this, mixing all the ingredients well, you need to place 40 grams of the collection in a thermos and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Having infused the drug for 4 hours, it is filtered. Take this medicine inside 4 times a day in 1 glass, diluting a teaspoon of honey in it.

It is useful in acute inflammation of the adenoids to rub fir essential oil in the area of ​​the nasal sinuses. In order to conduct treatment, rub oil 6 times a day in circular motions until a slight burning sensation appears. This therapy lasts until the runny nose stops.


Adenoids in adults.

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