Alternative methods for arrhythmia.

Alternative methods for arrhythmia.

In order to permanently get rid of disturbances in the work of the heart, special vitamin formulations, as well as products that help strengthen the body and immunity, should be introduced into the diet. There is no clearly defined duration of therapy at home.

Vitamin Blend

One large lemon is finely chopped together with the peel and mixed with a glass of chopped dried apricots. To the components is added a tablespoon of raisins, 50 grams of chopped walnuts. Everything is thoroughly mixed and poured with honey in the amount of 80 grams. The mixture should stand for about three hours. For the treatment of arrhythmia, the composition is used for four weeks for a couple of Art. l after breakfast.
Another recipe, especially shown to get rid of the symptoms of paroxysmal arrhythmia, involves mixing crushed lemons (0.5 kg), apricot kernel kernels (20 pieces, crushed to a powder state) and 500 ml of honey. A folk remedy is taken for any form of cardiac pathology according to 1 tbsp. l twice in 24 hours.


As a heart-strengthening remedy, it is useful to use clove flowers. About 5 grams is added to several tablespoons of warm milk, wait a couple of minutes and drink.
Proponents of alternative medicine are advised to use another tool that allows you to quickly overcome the signs of malaise. It is prepared from freshly picked cloves (1 part) and vegetable oil (5 parts). After a week, the product is considered ready. Use it for fourteen days, ten drops, repeating three times a day.


Adherents of folk healing recommend using gray-blue clay, a little oily. It is mixed with water to obtain a thick mass, from which small cakes are then formed. They are applied to the heart area, left for two to three hours. According to healers, such treatment for arrhythmia demonstrates effectiveness in the restoration of blood circulation.


Berry berries, according to experts in traditional medicine, normalize the conductivity of the heart muscle, relieve vasospasm and thin the blood. They should be consumed by ramen per day.
Healing cakes
Take one part of the scorpion-shaped doronnik, half of the rose and aloe, half of the oxen and ¼ of camphor. Mix and pour apple juice. The mass should resemble a thick dough, from which cakes are then prepared. Up to five grams of the medicine is used once.


Copper applications are shown to help cope with dizziness and nausea. Annealed copper plates are applied to the collar area. The term of use is from six hours to several days. After removal, the skin should be thoroughly washed.

Milk mushroom

Tibetan milk fungus is recommended to relieve tachycardia attacks. A small portion of milk mushroom is combined with 250 ml of milk and left for a day to ferment. The resulting yogurt is drained, warmed to room temperature in a water bath. The composition is moistened with a gauze napkin, which is then applied to the forehead and throat. Leave for fifteen minutes. The remnants of yogurt are washed off with plain water.
Yogurt can be taken orally. Mix half a glass of yogurt and plain water. Drink in small sips. After half an hour, urination appears.


A mixture of walnut (0.5 kg of crushed kernels, pre-coated with sesame oil), lemon (four large fruits, sliced ​​together with the skin and pre-steamed with two cups of boiling water) and sugar (250 grams) will help strengthen the heart at home. Nuts and sugar are mixed, after which they are poured with lemon infusion. Use before meals a tablespoon three times a day.
There is another recipe that helps in relieving spasms of the brain. Fifty grams of walnut kernels are minced with a meat grinder and mixed with 220 ml of liquid honey. Use the mixture three times a day for a dessert spoon.


To normalize the condition, the patient is recommended to take a teaspoon of Chinese rhubarb mixed with cold water. Treatment should last several days.


Celery is useful in controlling the symptoms of heart rhythm disturbances. You need to use it fresh, including in salads. Together with celery, it is useful to eat greens — dill, parsley.

Heart powder

With any form of arrhythmia, a powder is used, made from chicory seeds, lettuce, garden purslane, oxen, rose and dry coriander. The components are taken in equal proportions, crushed and mixed. The powder is taken 5-6 grams per reception no more than twice a day.


With arrhythmias and tachycardia, a drink based on chaga mushrooms is useful. To three tbsp. l lemon juice add 500 ml of chaga infusion (for preparation take 10-15 grams of dry raw materials) and a glass of honey. Mix the components. According to 1 tbsp. l taken twice a day for a while before meals. The course of treatment should not exceed two weeks.
Prolonged use of chaga can lead to increased excitability of the nervous system.

The apples

An effective folk remedy is easily prepared at home. One grated apple with a peel is mixed with chopped onion. Take the mixture for a month before meals once a day.

Barley flour

If the condition is accompanied by dizziness and nausea, it is recommended to take scalded boiling water and cooled barley oatmeal. Previously, it is mixed with a small amount of sugar. A single dose is 30 grams.


Alternative methods for arrhythmia.

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