Alternative methods for arthrosis.

Alternative methods for arthrosis.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide helps to improve the condition of a person who has problems with the musculoskeletal system. 2 drops of 3% peroxide are dissolved in half a cup of water. Drink each time after meals for three days. In the fourth, another drop is introduced, leaving the volume for two months. The recipe is especially effective in treating small joints of the foot, toes of the foot and calcaneus.
Taking hydrogen peroxide entails heaviness in the stomach, throbbing pains in the large intestine and diarrhea.


Hirudotherapy helps to significantly improve the condition of joints with arthrosis. Folk healers recommend ten sessions. Leeches apply only medical. The procedures are carried out in a special room under the supervision of a specialist.


Gentle physical activity in the disease is useful. Even minor exercises performed every morning will help eliminate discomfort and bring recovery closer. Still, the best choice is water activities. This can be swimming or water aerobics under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Alternative methods for arthrosis.

Proper nutrition

At the first signs of arthrosis, the diet should be normalized, abandoning acute, salty and fatty. Alcohol is completely excluded. It is necessary to avoid harmful carbohydrates, including pure sugar. The menu should contain more fresh vegetables.


One of the most effective treatments for grade 2 arthrosis is rice cleansing. A glass of cereal for three days is poured with clean water. After the water is drained, the rice is again combined with two glasses of liquid. Sent to the fire and cook until the moisture disappears. The volume of porridge is divided into four portions and eaten per day. Pre-drink a cup of water. In addition to rice, you can eat apples, beets and rosehip infusion. «Diet» lasts four days.

Aloe juice

Freshly squeezed aloe juice is taken daily for two weeks. To make it easier to extract, the leaves are pre-frozen, and then scrolled in a meat grinder and juice is extracted. A single dose — three large spoons. Repeat twice a day.

Curd with horseradish

Three liters of village milk are warmed up, a few tablespoons of 10% pharmaceutical calcium are added. After sedimentation, the milk is filtered through a sieve. The next morning, the cottage cheese will be ready. Four liters of pure moisture are poured into an enameled container, boiled. A kilogram of crushed horseradish is introduced and boiled for no more than five minutes. After cooling, 500 ml of fresh honey is poured into the broth. Daily take 100 ml of broth along with 30 g of cottage cheese. The course is a month.


In achieving mobility of joints helps jelly. It should be cooked from beef legs. For ten days, aspic is taken warm in the evenings. After a week-long break, the course is repeated.

Garlic oil

Improving the condition with joint disease brings home-made garlic oil. In a proportion of one to ten, the gruel of garlic and olive oil are mixed. Take a dessert spoon before breakfast.

Apple vinegar

Two small tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are added to a glass of warm water. Drink a drink for the day, divided into a couple of servings.

Alternative methods for arthrosis.

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