Alternative methods for bronchitis.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.

Cacao butter

Children’s bronchitis is treated with cocoa butter. Mix with hot milk in a proportion of one to thirty. Give the child 100 ml at a time, repeating three times a day. The tool is intended to combat the ailment in pregnant women.


To 300 ml of rustic milk, a tablespoon of goat fat and a half spoon of buckwheat honey are introduced. They drink the drink at a time, taking small sips and holding it in the mouth for a short time. Repeat ten days. Helps cure chronic bronchitis.

Another recipe: a glass of milk, just taken from the fire, is injected with a little honey and baking soda. Stir and drink. Repeat twice a day for a week with acute bronchitis.


In a proportion of one to one, ammonia and iodine are combined. Close the vial tightly, allowing a reaction to occur. The tool is used before bedtime, rubbing the back and chest. Go to bed after completely absorbed.

Hot pasta

To a pasty state, three cloves of garlic, several horseradish roots and three medium-sized tomatoes are crushed. Are mixed. Use a tablespoon on an empty stomach, repeating up to four times a day. Folk remedy recommended for adults to treat obstructive bronchitis.

Warming up

If a chronic form of the disease is observed, several leaves of burdock are taken. Heated on a teapot, after which they are laid on a diaper and lay back on top. On the chest, it is also advisable to put a leaf and a bottle of warm water. Then you should cover yourself with a diaper. The procedure is performed for about an hour. The course is five sessions.


To recover from bronchitis and prevent a new round of the disease helps pollen. It is consumed by a teaspoon a day before meals. The course is continued for at least three weeks. If a child is to be treated, the dose is reduced to half a mustard spoon.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.


With severe coughing and difficulty in sputum discharge, it is recommended to lubricate the patient’s back and chest with goose fat overnight. After rubbing, you should wear a sweater or a warm bathrobe, lie under a blanket. The procedure is performed for at least five days.

Instead of goose fat, a mixture of castor oil and turpentine, combined in a ratio of twenty to one, is used, and for babies a mixture of butter and honey is suitable (1 tbsp each). Mustard plasters, installed on the feet and back, have a similar effect.

Salt lamp

It will be about halotherapy. The treatment method is based on the creation of an artificial microclimate, which has a positive effect on the broncho-pulmonary structures.

You can find the salt room in clinics and sports salons. It is possible to arrange an impromptu salt room at home. To this end, salt lamps are used.

The devices have a number of positive effects, including strengthening immunity. Lamps are especially useful in the chronic form of the disease and the pathology of the smoker. Fifteen sessions a year are enough to achieve a lasting therapeutic effect. Definitely useful therapy will be for babies who should not be given many drugs.

Pine jam

Take a kilogram of pine buds. In four liters of water, they are boiled for fifteen minutes over low heat, and then filtered. After a couple of minutes, filter again. A kilogram of honey and 10 ml of alcohol extract of propolis are added.

Heated to forty degrees and transferred to a glass container. Clog up. Use a small spoon every time before eating. Treatment is performed until recovery.


Three terry towels are placed on the chest. Each is doubled. Ironing towels with a hot iron. The procedure is performed before bedtime, after which they drink a cup of hot tea and lie down under the covers.


Reasonable exposure to cold is an affordable way to increase the body’s defenses and normalize the work of the respiratory system. You can use cool dousing, wiping with a wet towel. A method for treating a chronic form of the disease is especially indicated.

Apple with honey

Bronchitis, especially for children, can be treated not only with herbs and decoctions. Proponents of home therapy recommend a tasty and healthy dish — apples with honey. Three apples are peeled and rubbed on a fine grater.

Abundantly watered with a natural beekeeping product, preferably lime, and eaten per day. Treatment is performed until recovery.

Alternative methods for bronchitis.

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