Alternative methods for dermatitis.

Alternative methods for dermatitis.

To eliminate the external manifestations of the disease, traditional medicine uses some improvised means.

Birch leaves

Traditional medicine for the treatment of dermatitis at home recommends using birch leaves. Fresh ones are suitable for grinding and applying as a compress, and dry ones can be used to prepare infusion (1 tbsp. L. Raw materials per cup of water). Such a “medicine” is indicated even in pediatric therapy.


The analogue of the drug Zindol can be prepared at home. It is used to get rid of discomfort forever.

40 ml of distilled water and alcohol;
2 ml of lidocaine solution 2%;
30 grams of white clay;
30 grams of baby powder.

Separately, liquid and bulk components are mixed, and only after that they are combined together. Before applying, thoroughly clean the skin with tea tree oil. The chatterbox is shaken before use. They cover the affected areas with it, leave for twenty minutes. Excesses are removed with a cotton pad. Repeated application is recommended at least three times a day until relief.


Dry mustard powder is used to treat the inflammatory process on the fingers and hands. Dilute the powder to the state of sour cream, pour into a bowl and lower its hands into it. Hold until the composition cools completely. The procedure is carried out in the evenings for a week or two.

Alternative methods for dermatitis.


Tar is considered an effective tool in the fight against dermatitis of varying severity. Its medicinal properties are appropriate even at the stage of exacerbation. In this case, the tar is mixed with a solution of boric acid of 2% concentration. Apply to the skin and leave for half an hour, after which the residues are removed with plain water.

Use tar tar. Mix 100 grams of melted baby soap, 100 ml of water and two tbsp. l vegetable oil. Add two tbsp. l tar. The mixture is placed in a mold for solidification. Used for washing hands and body.

Tar-based preparations can cause a strong allergic reaction. Their use is unacceptable with a pronounced wetting inflammatory process.

On the basis of tar, an ointment is prepared. To two tablespoons add chopped onion to the state of gruel onion, the protein of one egg and two tbsp. l dark beer. The composition is mixed until homogeneous and a dense layer is applied to the affected area. The residues are removed after fifteen minutes with a dry cloth. Repeat for two weeks in the evening.

Another ointment acts similarly. Two raw chicken yolks are ground and mixed with birch tar (120 g), camphor oil (50 g) and alcohol (100 ml). The finished ointment is applied to a cotton pad and wipe the inflamed area several times a day.


With unbearable itching, the skin on the face, hands and body can be wiped with almost any vegetable juice. Cucumber, cabbage, apple are best suited. Fresh carrot juice has an excellent antiseptic effect. A similar effect is given to the juice of plantain, golden mustache and aloe.


It is recommended to use for the treatment of diaper dermatitis in children and oral — in adults. A solution of medium strength (250 ml of boiled water 1 tbsp. L. Soda) treat the affected dermis five times a day. The course should continue until the symptoms disappear.


With the help of ordinary table salt, adepts of traditional medicine recommend eliminating itching and irritation with dermatitis. A teaspoon of salt is dissolved in a liter of water at room temperature. The resulting solution is wiped on the affected areas.

A bath with sea salt is recommended for the treatment of not only adults, but also children. 10 procedures promise to get rid of the pronounced symptoms of the disease state.

Alternative methods for dermatitis.

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