Alternative methods for diabetes.

Alternative methods for diabetes.

Representatives of alternative treatment know how to get rid of diabetes by using improvised products and gifts of nature. They offer recipes to help overcome the symptoms of the disease quickly and forever.

Bitter onion

Take the medium-sized onion. The husk is not removed. Onion is baked in a pan and eaten for breakfast. If this treatment is carried out for a month, the sugar will gradually begin to decline.


Nutrition for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (with type 1, nutrition is practically no different from the diet of a healthy person, except that it requires some abstinence from carbohydrates) should be special, since it is a fundamental factor in determining the level of glucose in the blood. High fiber foods are beneficial for patients, as they help in glucose retention. The menu should include:

low-fat varieties of fish and meat;
any cereal, except semolina;
eggplant, cabbage;
tangerines and grapefruit;
chicken eggs;
berries and apples.

It is better to forget about grapes, since it is categorically not suitable for patients with high sugar content. It is also better to exclude bananas and raisins, peppers and mustard, pork fat and alcohol. Confectionery, ice cream, preserves and sweets are banned.

Nutrition of patients should be frequent. The key to success in the treatment of diabetes is the clock. Servings are best done in moderation to avoid overeating.

Drinking regimen is equally important. Thirst is quenched with various juices, herbal teas and decoctions, milk and mineral water, necessarily alkaline. The main rule is not to use sugar even when making compotes.

The diet for people with diabetes insipidus aims to reduce thirst and urinary frequency. It is recommended to limit the intake of proteins, while fats and carbohydrates can be included in the menu without concern. Some prohibition is imposed on salt — not more than 6 g per day. The patient’s diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, dairy products, lean meat, fish and seafood. With exacerbation, it is useful to take fish oil.

Alternative methods for diabetes.

Green tea

Is it possible to get rid of an unpleasant disease if you often drink green tea? Representatives of traditional medicine give an affirmative answer. Four cups per day is the norm for every adult.


An insulin-dependent type of disease is proposed to be treated with kerosene. Take it fifteen drops a day, dripping on a piece of sugar. Sugar can be replaced with a spoon of moisture. Treatment should be carried out for a month.
This kind of treatment should not be performed at home without the supervision of a specialist. Firstly, it is dangerous. Secondly, kerosene can cause great harm in diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Chicken Bile

To permanently overcome high sugar, it is recommended to swallow the bile of freshly cut chicken once a month.

Therapeutic mixture

With a kilogram of lemons cut the peel. The pulp is cut. Take 300 g of garlic and parsley leaves. Combine with lemons and send to a blender. The gruel is placed in a glass container and put away in the refrigerator. Two weeks later, they begin treatment of type 2 diabetes — 1 tsp each. three times before meals with a course of three weeks.

Healing salad

With hypoglycemia, a special salad is useful. It is prepared from chopped onions, dandelion leaves, lemongrass, sour cream and vegetable oil. Every day for two weeks, eat a serving of salad. Efficiency comes immediately: the patient ceases to suffer headaches, weakness goes away and irritability disappears.

Curry leaves

For diabetes in the elderly, curry leaves are recommended. For a month, ten sheets are eaten every morning. Helps lower sugar levels and prevent obesity.

Gangrene Ointment

Fifty grams of grated laundry soap, honey, unsalted lard and rosin are mixed. Enter two large tablespoons of vegetable oil. The mixture is placed in an enamel container and brought to a boil.

After adding fifty grams of onions, the same amount of garlic and aloe. Before applying to the affected areas, the ointment is heated in a steam bath. Store in the refrigerator. Use until a lasting result is achieved.

Another recipe for gangrene ointment is as follows: mix 10 ml of honey, 1 tsp. fish oil and two grams of novocaine powder. Apply to the affected area and bandage. Treatment is performed for three weeks.

In diabetic gangrene, sore spots are also recommended to be oiled with cloves. Compresses are even better (cotton cloth is wetted with oil).

Carrot oil

Diabetics are advised to take special oil: pour a glass of grated carrots with 500 ml of vegetable oil and stand on the steam bath for about fifteen minutes. Pass through several layers of gauze. Store in a cold place, consuming 1 tsp. three times a day, holding in your mouth. Treatment is performed for about three weeks. The same tool can be used to treat areas of the skin where wounds are noted.

Alternative methods for diabetes.

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