Alternative methods for heartburn

Alternative methods for heartburn

Alternative medicine recommends even pregnant women to deal with the problem of folk remedies. The proposed methods do not require special preparation and act quickly.


A handful of pharmacy clay, preferably white, is stirred in half a liter of water. When the clay settles, take a few sips. Heartburn recedes quickly and forever.


Fresh and dried peas are considered an effective remedy for burning discomfort. The application is straightforward: several fresh peas chew for as long as possible. If we are talking about a dry product, you have to cook: a handful of peas are combined with a small amount of boiling water and left until steaming. After use in a similar manner. The remaining peas are stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days and used as necessary.


Within a few weeks you need to eat three or four slices of grapefruit, and heartburn will pass forever.

Alternative methods for heartburn


An important point in the treatment of heartburn at home is a special diet. It can be adhered to temporarily or permanently. The rules are as follows:

eat fractionally — six servings per day, maintaining an interval of about two and a half hours;
chew food thoroughly;
Avoid the «dry ones»;
eliminate coarse fiber food, which is difficult for the digestive system to digest;
Do not over-cook the dishes, set the daily dose of salt in 10 g;
avoid the use of foods that provoke excessive production of hydrochloric acid (strong tea and coffee, alcohol, carbonated sweet water, garlic, onions, radishes, radishes);
try to exclude too hot food;
use foods stewed, boiled or baked.

Particularly recommended low-fat varieties of meat and fish. Dairy products should also not be too oily. Porridge can be consumed, but not instant, which are sold in bags and contain harmful additives. It is important to drink enough clean water.

Chewing gum

If the attack happened unexpectedly, you can relieve the discomfort with fruit chewing gum. By stimulating salivation, it reduces the concentration of acid in the gastric juice.


If discomfort develops after removal of the gallbladder, folk healers recommend being treated with bird bile. A couple drops of bile are placed in bread balls and swallow ten at a time. The daily dose of poultry bile is at least twenty drops. The course of treatment is continued from a week to two.


To get rid of the uncomfortable state of the house in ten days helps a simple way — chewing leaves of Kalanchoe. The procedure is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. After chewing, the cake is spit out.


In acute heartburn, a compress on the epigastric region is recommended. For this, a piece of tissue is moistened in lemon juice, infusion of dill seed, ginger or cardamom. Hold the compress for about an hour.


A regular lemon helps to quickly cope with discomfort. Chew a slice as long as possible. Sugar is not used.

Alternative methods for heartburn

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