Alternative methods for hypertension.

Alternative methods for hypertension.

Many popular methods of treating hypertension are considered by proponents of unconventional practices to be a true salvation from pressure surges and are shown to people of all ages.

Banana medicine

Take 1 tbsp. l rose hip syrup, add twice as much kefir and half a dessert spoon of fresh honey. Mix well and introduce the mashed banana. A little cinnamon powder is added to the mass. Take at high pressure in a tablespoon. The course is not limited.


When asked how to get rid of hypertension, many traditional healers respond with water. The secret is simple — half an hour before each meal, you should use two cups of pure moisture at room temperature.

Alternative methods for hypertension.

Breathing exercises

A properly selected and regularly performed complex of breathing exercises helps to overcome high blood pressure, soothes the nervous system and restores the cardiovascular function. Sometimes a method becomes the only salvation for insomnia. Breathing exercises do not take up much time — it takes no more than 30 minutes a day.
There are many options for respiratory gymnastics for the treatment of high blood pressure, but Strelnikova’s complex is considered the most effective.

It includes five exercises:

«Okay.» Standing straight, bend your elbows and show your palms to the “viewer”. At each breath, the palms are clenched into fists, while exhaling, they are unclenched.

«Pogonchiki». Standing straight, hands are clenched into fists and pressed to the stomach at the level of the navel. On inspiration, there is a sharp push of fists to the floor, on exhalation — return to the starting position.

«Pump». Standing straight, legs are spread slightly wider than shoulders. Hands should be placed along the body. A slight bow is performed, followed by a noisy and short breath. Together with the bow, the breath ends. Return to the starting position with an exhale.

«Cat». Standing straight, legs have a little wider than shoulders and perform dance squats. At the same time, the body should be rotated to the right side, at the moment of which a sharp breath is needed. At the time of return to the starting position, exhalation occurs. Then the same thing is done the other way.

“Hug your shoulders.” Standing straight, arms are bent at the elbows and raised to shoulder level. During the exercise, the hands are thrown towards each other as much as possible, trying to hold themselves tightly on the shoulders. Each hug should be accompanied by a sharp breath.

Each exercise is performed 12 times. If the patient is in serious condition, you can do gymnastics while sitting on a chair or lying in bed.

Green tea

A good remedy for high blood pressure is green tea. It should be brewed with not too hot water, and after cooling, mix with a small amount of honey.

Jacket potatoes

If hypertension is in the second stage, therapy is recommended through a dish known to everyone. One potato cooked in a “uniform” should be eaten daily until the pressure normalizes.

Linseed oil

In the case of high blood pressure, flax seed oil is highly effective. It must be used for a month, two tablespoons a day — in the morning on an empty stomach and after breakfast.

Alternative methods for hypertension.

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