Alternative methods for pancreatitis.

Alternative methods for pancreatitis.

Folk methods of treating pancreatitis include not only the use of medicinal products, but also the following of effective methods.

Tasty medicine

To get rid of inflammation of the pancreas in a few weeks, take 1200 ml of water, add one hundred grams of wholemeal oatmeal. Boil over low heat for 60 minutes, stirring constantly. After that, several large spoons of crushed walnut kernels and a similar amount of cherry syrup are introduced to the broth.

Divide the resulting volume of the drug into three servings. Use before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Washed down with tea from herbs. The course of treatment is two weeks.

Buckwheat on kefir

Buckwheat helps to anesthetize with pancreatitis. A glass of cereal is washed in the evening and poured with a half liter of high-quality kefir. In the morning, divide the volume into a couple of servings.

One is eaten as breakfast, the other for dinner. Thus, buckwheat treatment is performed for ten days. Pause for 10 days, and then repeat the new course.


Nutrition is one of the decisive points in the treatment of pancreatitis. Firstly, it should be frequent — five or even six times. Secondly, you need to reduce portions. Thirdly, the diet should consist of foods that are easily and quickly digested, as well as rich in vitamins.

With pancreatitis of any severity, marinades, fatty and fried foods, pickles and strong broths are completely excluded. Alcoholic beverages, especially strong ones, are strictly prohibited. It is recommended to introduce potatoes, honey, flour and cereals into the menu. Cow butter is useful in a small amount. As a protein, low-fat varieties of fish and meat are prescribed.

Sea kale, rich in nickel and cobalt minerals, is very useful for patients with pancreatitis. Those, in turn, are actively involved in the development of pancreatic juice.

A great addition to the main dishes — pumpkin puree. Three hundred milliliters of water are taken per hundred grams of product. Boil until completely cooked and grind to a puree consistency, adding a little olive oil.


According to Central Asian doctors, melon is one of the most useful products for all digestive organs. With its help, it is possible to quickly treat inflammation of the pancreas and prevent a new attack.

The first recipe is: dry the melon seeds, mash into powder. Take 150 g and insist in 200 ml of milk for two hours. Every morning for two weeks you need to take 100 ml of the composition.

The second recipe involves melon juice treatment. A glass of liquid has a handful of any berries. The procedure is performed in the morning on an empty stomach for twenty days. Such a product can treat a disease even in children.

Breathing exercises

Performing a “massage” of the internal organs, including the pancreas, is possible through special breathing exercises. It should be carried out twice a day. To begin with, you should hold your breath after exhaling, while drawing in your stomach.

Counting to three, you can relax the abdominal muscles and begin to breathe. During the second exercise, on the contrary, the stomach should be inflated. As you exhale, you need to relax. Repeat each exercise four to six times.


Anesthetize with the disease can special kvass from celandine. You need three liters of water, a teaspoon of natural sour cream of medium fat content, a glass of granulated sugar, twenty-five grams of dried celandine.
Water is poured into a three-liter bottle. Sour cream and sugar are sent there. A gauze bag with celandine is lowered to the bottom of the bottle (use a «weight» for weighting).

The neck of the container is tightly closed and removed to a dark place for two weeks, during which the mold is removed from the surface of the liquid. On the fifth day, the top layer of the drink is poured into another bottle. Add water again and transfer the bag with celandine.

On the fifteenth day, one liter of kvass is drained. Sent to the refrigerator. A new volume is added to the volume of liquid remaining in the bottle. Thus, moisture is diluted four times, each time draining the finished kvass and sending it to the refrigerator.

Kvass treatment begins with a tablespoon, taking three times before meals. Gradually, the daily volume of the drink is brought to one hundred milliliters. They drink a month.
The reverse side of this treatment can be bradycardia, nausea and an allergic reaction to the skin.

Goat milk

Suitable folk remedy for the treatment of pancreatitis in children and adults. You need to drink at least two glasses a day. Milk should be of high quality (rustic) and always fresh. It is better to warm up before use. Children can add a little honey. Therapy is continued depending on the condition of the patient.

Alternative methods for pancreatitis.

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