Alternative methods for prostatitis.

Alternative methods for prostatitis.

Among the options for treating prostatitis with folk remedies, there is a really effective method. It consists in the use of a magnet. It is better to take a powerful one, for example, from the speaker of a radio receiver. Massage the skin in the affected area with a magnet twice a day for twenty minutes. After a few months, the disease promises to recede once and for all.

Stone oil

They buy refined stone oil at the pharmacy. Used to treat prostatitis in three ways:

1. For internal use, take three grams of oil per three liters of water. Are mixed. Drink half a dessert spoon each time after a meal. Continue therapy for about a month.

2. For enemas, take three grams of stone oil for five hundred milliliters of moisture. There is 40 ml per procedure. Two days are treated, after which they rest for three days.

3. Compresses with oil are prepared as follows: three grams of raw material per 150 ml of water. Also injected with 100 ml of medical alcohol. In the finished solution, a gauze dressing is moistened. Hold on the area of ​​inflammation for twelve hours.

Oil vodka

Thirty milliliters mix crude sunflower oil and vodka. Add a pinch of table salt. Mix thoroughly. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Thus, the chronic type of disease is treated for at least two weeks.


Chronic prostatitis is recommended to be treated with an affordable folk remedy — ordinary honey. Up to 200 ml is required per day, washed down with tea. According to representatives of alternative medicine, a week later internal discomfort passes, urination normalizes.


To suppress infection with bacterial prostatitis, the use of mummies is recommended. A few tablets are dissolved in half a cup of water. Take three times a day for a tablespoon. Treatment lasts at least four weeks.

You can cook candles. They are made from fleece, which is impregnated in a mixture of mummy and sea buckthorn oil in a ratio of one to twenty. After inserting the suppository into the anus, you need to wait for the urge to defecate. Only then can the candle be removed.


Among the methods claimed to be the most effective for prostatitis, hirudotherapy occupies a special place. Treatment is recommended in a specialized office under the supervision of a professional. The number of leeches per session, as well as the duration of the course, are set individually.


Wormwood is useful in many diseases of the genital tract. Prostatitis is no exception. For the course of treatment, only one hundred grams of dry raw material is needed. It is crushed and sieved through a sieve. The part that managed to sift is recommended for oral administration in a dry form. The other that remained on the sieve is used to prepare a decoction.

There is a special treatment program:

1. The first three days they swallow a pinch of dry wormwood powder (every few hours). Drinking is allowed with plain water.

2. The next four days, drink a decoction of wormwood, repeating five sets. Preparation is as follows: the amount of raw material remaining after sifting is boiled for three minutes in 300 ml of water. Divided by the required number of doses.

3. The obligatory procedure for the evening of each day of treatment is microclysters. To prepare the solution, take a tablespoon of dry raw materials, pour a liter of boiling water and stand for one hour. For one procedure, 50 ml is required.

An important part of therapy is diet. Fatty foods, protein, sweets and flour products are strictly prohibited. The amount of bread is limited to two hundred grams per day. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Of the permitted products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and vegetable oil are isolated.
Since wormwood is poisonous, use should be careful. Even in a perfectly healthy person, when taking the plant, muscle cramps and hallucinations can occur.

Alternative methods for prostatitis.

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