Alternative methods for urolithiasis.

Alternative methods for urolithiasis.

Alternative methods of getting rid of urolithiasis in both sexes involve the use of well-known improvised tools and products. Most of them have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.

Watermelon diet

The elimination of kidney stones is facilitated by a special diet that provides for the use of exclusively watermelon pulp and a small amount of black bread for several weeks. As much as possible watermelon pulp should be eaten from five to nine in the evening. After that it is recommended to take a warm bath. The procedure helps in the expansion of the urinary tract and the easy passage of stones through them. A week after the start of the watermelon diet, sand will begin to flow out with urine.

Watermelon diet is dangerous with a diameter of stones of five or more millimeters. In addition, it is not worth consuming watermelon for more than five days, otherwise an exacerbation of chronic diseases and the development of a feeling of general malaise are likely.


According to Vanga’s recommendation, banks should be placed below the place where pain is localized in urolithiasis. Perform the procedure shown before evening rest until relief. It is also useful to make warm compresses on the kidney area.
Such measures are possible only with the permission of the attending physician. Otherwise, there is a risk of the patient worsening.


You can get rid of urate stones using mineral water. Fits alkaline. Honey liquid is no less effective. It is simple to prepare: liquid honey is introduced into a glass of warm water. A folk remedy is drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach, until the condition is relieved.

Alternative methods for urolithiasis.

Raisins and Carrots

One and a half kilograms of carrots and half a kilogram of pitted raisins are ground in a meat grinder. Place the mixture in an enamel container and pour one and a half liters of water. Bring to a boil, after which they simmer over low heat for two hours. The broth is cooled and squeezed raw materials. The drug is used in half a cup three times a day. The course of treatment of urolithiasis lasts two weeks. If symptoms remain, the therapy is resumed after a couple of days.


Fresh and dried fig fruits work as a diuretic. According to non-traditional doctors, they are indicated for kidney stones in men and women. Treatment is continued for at least two months.
You can take a decoction of fig fruits. Boil three berries in a glass of milk and drink a glass a day until the symptoms of urolithiasis disappear. Milk should be hot.
Official medicine warns that figs are extremely dangerous for people suffering from any kidney pathologies, as it complicates their course.

Millet porridge

Millet is germinated: the grains are poured with water, covered with gauze and left in a warm place for two days. After the specified period, the germinated grains are washed and dried. On their basis porridge is cooked. Oil, salt, sugar and cranberries are added. Use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Therapeutic diet

A properly organized diet is considered a necessary therapeutic measure for urolithiasis. Nutrition differs depending on the type of stones:
with urate, you should limit the consumption of fried meat, offal, broth, chocolate, marinades and alcohol. In the menu you need to enter dairy dishes, parsley and celery, pumpkin and strawberries;

with oxalate — an excuse to refrain from rhubarb, sorrel, parsley, tomatoes, chocolate and coffee. In a small amount, milk, kefir, sour cream and cottage cheese are allowed. The consumption of blackcurrant, peaches, pears, apples, quinces and grapes is shown;

if the formation of phosphate stones is observed, calcium-containing foods should be avoided. The menu is useful to include meat, eggs, fish, cereals, cabbage, berries.

Alternative methods for urolithiasis.

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