Alternative methods from eczema.

Alternative methods from eczema.

In addition to folk remedies for herbs, doctors and healers offer the use of improvised products.


Aloe juice is considered an effective folk remedy in the fight against eczema on the fingers, face and head. The sheet is cut lengthwise, applied to the diseased areas and fixed with a bandage.

For greater efficiency, you can pre-lubricate the inside of the sheet with honey. Aloe juice mixed with honey is good for treating a disease on the face.

Kalanchoe is given a similar effect. Its use is the same: juice on the affected areas.


The recipe is recommended for getting rid of cracks and dryness characteristic of the dry form of the disease. On the affected areas before going to bed, apply an orange peel. They are fixed with an elastic bandage, and in the morning they are removed. The procedure is carried out for a week.

To treat the spots that accompany the disease, use sweet and sour dark grape varieties. The pulp is mixed with grated potatoes, the mixture is wrapped in gauze.

Apply several times a day to sore spots, fixing with a bandage on top. Hold about two hours.
Used for medicinal purposes and grape juice, which is shown to process the affected areas even on the head.


A few tablespoons of pomegranate flowers are poured with boiling water and wrapped in clean gauze. Apply a compress to areas of the skin that require treatment, repeating the procedure daily for a week or two.

Alternative methods from eczema.


Take a double sheet of a regular newspaper, from which they make a bag. The lower part of the bag is twisted tighter, and is wound with a thread along the length. From below make an even cut. A well-dried bag is set on a plate and set on top.

Smoke thickens inside the bag, settling on a plate. When one bag turns to ash, use another. It is necessary to collect as much condensed smoke as possible, which subsequently lubricates the diseased areas of the body.

Burn the roots of a sunflower. The resulting ash is diluted with hot water to obtain a creamy mass. Warm the gruel and apply to the affected skin. Keep to cool completely. According to folk healers, several procedures are enough to get rid of the disease forever.

Ash is not such a strong “medicine” to heal a person in just two procedures.


Cabbage is credited with healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Adherents of alternative treatment are confident that its use accelerates the healing process of cracks and relieve inflammation in all types of eczema.

1. Add one raw protein to the chopped leaves of white cabbage. Wrap the resulting mass in gauze and apply to areas requiring treatment. A bandage is applied over the gauze.

2. A handkerchief soaked in freshly squeezed cabbage juice is applied to the affected areas of the skin on the face, limbs and body.

3. Juice from 1 head of white cabbage is mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Wipe the diseased areas.
Acetic lotions can cause severe burning sensation and aggravate the course of the disease.

4. In the treatment of a weeping form of pathology, leaves boiled in milk are used. They are finely chopped, placed in a pan and poured with 0.5 liters of milk. Boil until the leaves are soft. After applied to places requiring treatment.


A product popular in Russia is recommended for the treatment of different types of eczema developing on the face and body.

1. Peeled potatoes are rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting folk remedy is wrapped in gauze and applied to the affected skin. Fix with an elastic bandage. After two to three hours, the dressing is changed. The procedure can be performed all day.

2. Freshly squeezed potato juice lubricate the affected areas of the epidermis, even on the head. If time permits, you can perform the procedure all day. In addition, potato juice is indicated for oral administration — half a glass 20 minutes before meals twice a day. If the taste seems terrible, you can add carrot juice or dilute with water.

Potato juice, like fresh potatoes themselves, is considered useful exclusively during the first 10 minutes. Taking juice at the end of winter is harmful — the accumulation of solanine occurs in the vegetable.

Alternative methods from eczema.

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