Alternative methods from erosion.

Alternative methods from erosion.

Erosion treatment at home occurs using a wide variety of improvised products.


In case of a duodenal defect, it is recommended to eat a ripe banana every morning. The product has an enveloping effect.


Lingonberry berries are called an effective assistant in the treatment of the duodenum and esophagus. Harvested from autumn fruits are poured with boiled water. Withstand the night. The next morning, the product is considered ready. It is drunk 60 ml before meals. Fresh berries should be constantly added to the berries.


In case of stomach damage, it is recommended to eat 100 grams of fresh grapes every day before meals.


Potato starch is considered useful for treating the esophagus at home. A pinch of starch is dissolved in half a cup of water. Mixed. Drink a day, preferably every time before eating.

Alternative methods from erosion.


In case of damage to the duodenum, several grams of Schisandra seed powder should be consumed per day.


Known as “surgeon’s ointment,” the drug is used at home to treat uterine erosion. An ointment-treated swab is inserted into the vagina overnight. In the morning they take it out and carry out therapeutic measures (washing, douching). Perform in a few weeks.
There are frequent cases of a negative reaction to Levomekol. Women complain of a severe allergic reaction and worsening condition.

Therapeutic mixture

With pathology of the stomach, a mixture of honey and aloe is indicated. Five leaves of a plant older than three years are frozen, then crushed in a meat grinder and squeezed juice. It is mixed with five tbsp. l honey linden. The tool is eaten on a small spoon on an empty stomach for two to three weeks.


For twelve hours, peeled onion is soaked in cold water. After grinding, extract the juice. Mix juice with 1 tsp. honey. Accepted on an empty stomach, drinking juice from several onions per day. A month is treated with erosion of the esophagus.

Vishnevsky ointment

Treatment of the female part is recommended to be carried out with Vishnevsky ointment. Its use should occur on odd days, and tampons with infusion of chaga are used on even ones. During menstrual bleeding, treatment is not performed.

Honey oil

Treatment of inflammation of the gastric mucosa is carried out through honey and butter. Mix in equal proportions. Eat a large spoon before meals four times a day.


Carrot juice is indicated to eliminate discomfort during erosive damage to the esophagus. It accelerates the healing of the mucosa. Every day you need to drink at least 1.5 cups of juice.

Quail eggs

To get rid of an erosive lesion of the cervix, four quail eggs are drunk in the morning for a month. Take a ten-day break and repeat the course.


A folk remedy is used in the fight against erosion of the stomach. One cup of well-washed wheat is poured onto wet gauze and covered with another layer. Leave for three days, periodically moisturizing. Waiting for the moment of germination. The resulting sprouts are crushed. Six tbsp. l mixed with thirty milliliters of olive oil and sent to a glass container. Take 1 tsp. five days. Better on an empty stomach in the morning.

Rice broth

Recommended for erosion of the esophagus. Rice in the amount of a cup is poured with water and sent to the fire. You need to boil it before boiling the cereals. Strain and consume the broth before eating half a cup. In a similar way, you can cook a decoction of oats.

Potato juice

Potato tubers are crushed together with a peel on a grater. Drink 70 ml of juice before meals. The course lasts a month. Thus, they fight erosion of the stomach.

Egg white
The recipe for eliminating the pathology of the esophagus. Every day for a week on an empty stomach you need to eat one chicken protein mixed with salt.


Alternative methods from erosion.

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