Alternative methods from pharyngitis.

Alternative methods from pharyngitis.

Traditional medicine is known for other methods of combating pharyngitis at home.


The method is recommended by physicians from India. It is necessary to take pharmaceutical clay in powder. Stir a tablespoon in a glass of warm water. With this tool gargle — six times a day for a week.


The recommendation came to us from the past. It is said that Napoleon himself used this medical prescription. Every day you need to gargle sore throat with high-quality cognac. The procedure should last about two minutes.

Sea buckthorn oil

Rich in vitamins A, C, B and PP, sea buckthorn oil helps restore the mucous membrane. You need to choose what is made by cold pressing. It’s even better to cook the oil yourself. You need to select whole berries, rinse them and dry them by spreading them on a paper towel. Then squeeze the juice using a meat grinder.

The resulting cake is transferred to a glass container and poured with unrefined vegetable oil. For every three glasses of sea buckthorn oilcake, 500 ml of oil is required. The container is covered with a lid and cleaned for a week in a dark, dry place. After filtering. The oil is ready.

The therapeutic oil of sea buckthorn in the treatment of pharyngitis is used as follows: they lubricate the cavity inside the nose and breathe over steam. Repeat once a day until cured. You can also carry out inhalation by pre-adding 10 drops of sea buckthorn oil or another (peach, fir, lavender or orange) in a glass with well warm water. Vapors should be inhaled ten minutes twice a day. Especially useful are oil inhalations for atrophic pharyngitis.

With sea buckthorn oil, applications are also carried out. After eating, gargle with a decoction of chamomile, draw oil into a pipette and dig it deep into the nostril, throwing your head back well. The head is held back for 60 seconds. The procedure is repeated with each nostril. It is necessary to achieve that the oil is glass in the throat and covers its walls. After the procedure, you should refrain from drinking and eating as long as possible.

Alternative methods from pharyngitis.


Rub on a fine grater 1 carrot. Add a little chopped golden mustache and a dessert spoon of honey. Stir and leave for 2 hours. They are used in the treatment of pharyngitis as follows: three times a day, a dessert spoon of carrot medicine is placed in the mouth, closer to the throat, wait a bit and spit out. Sessions are held throughout the week.


300 g of mummy are dissolved in 300 ml of warm milk. They drink the medicine twice a day for 1/2 tbsp. You can do otherwise: with unbearable pain just dissolve a piece of mummy, putting it on the cheek.


According to adherents of alternative medicine, hot beer is a good folk remedy for pharyngitis. With its help, it is possible to warm the throat, get rid of perspiration and pain. Drinking heated beer in the amount of half a cup is necessary, lying in bed. The course continues until local relief comes.
Hot beer has a specific taste and can lead to vomiting.


For medicinal purposes, it is recommended to keep the pea of ​​propolis in the mouth for 1.5 hours. For the best effect, it should be rolled from one side of the mouth to the other. You can also leave a pea on the cheek all night. It is important to feel tingling and a slight burning sensation. This means that propolis is working. Another method involves impregnating a piece of sugar with propolis, which afterwards must be slowly absorbed with pain and perspiration. Connoisseurs consider the remedy to be one of the most effective with a strong cough, characteristic of acute and chronic pharyngitis.

Propolis tincture is used for rinsing, inhalation and tea additives. Prepare it at home. Propolis is crushed, filled with 200 ml of cold water. When pure propolis settles to the bottom (wax and impurities float), it is shown to be removed, placed in another container and filled with alcohol at the rate of 30 g of propolis per 100 ml of liquid.

The mixture is aged for a week, after which it is filtered and mixed with olive oil (1: 2).
In the chronic form of the disease, it is recommended to lubricate the back of the throat with propolis tincture mixed with sea buckthorn oil or glycerin (1: 2).

Drops in the nose in the treatment of pharyngitis can also be prepared from propolis. Take an alcoholic infusion of 10%, 40 drops are diluted in 60 ml of water. Five drops are instilled into each nostril. After throat, rinse with the remaining solution. Repeat twice a day before meals. The recommended course is a month.

Like other beekeeping products, propolis can cause allergies.

The apples

Apple broth, according to fans of alternative medicine, has a positive effect on the body in the treatment of all types of pharyngitis.

They prepare it like this: pour a small bowl of finely chopped fruits into half a liter of water and bring to a boil. They simmer over low heat for at least a quarter of an hour. Take 0.2 l twice a day for a week or two.

Alternative methods from pharyngitis.

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