Alternative methods of treating gastritis.

Alternative methods of treating gastritis.

According to adherents of alternative medicine, alternative methods of treating gastritis are mild and effective. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations.


Every day, people suffering from atrophic gastritis should eat at least two bananas. A medicinal drink can be prepared on the basis of the product: finely rub the banana, add a couple of peppermint leaves and a dessert spoon of baking soda. Pour 200 ml of boiling water. After half an hour they use it.


A “path” 5 cm thick is made from a piece of fresh beef meat. They are placed in a freezer. In the mornings, on an empty stomach they put a piece of planer 2-3 mm in their mouth. Dissolve until only extremely coarse fibers remain. After swallowing. The recipe helps with severe pain.


The method is considered useful in any form of the disease, but is especially indicated for a mixed type of inflammation. Continue fasting for no more than two days. From liquids unsweetened tea and rosehip decoction are allowed. After that, light soups and cereals are gradually introduced into the menu.


Food with different types of acidity is slightly different.


Bakery products are used exclusively yesterday. Dry biscuits and cookies are allowed. Buns made from dough — not more than twice a week. Pasta is allowed.

Cereals: mashed, cooked in water or milk. Desirable semolina, buckwheat and oats.
Soups: with the addition of cereals, on vegetable broth.

Second courses: boiled and steamed low-fat meats, offal, low-fat fish, omelet.


Bakery products: slightly dried wheat bread, inedible cakes and rolls. Homemade pies with diet filling (cottage cheese, eggs, fish).

Cereals: loose cereals cooked in water. You can add a little low-fat milk. If the menu includes pilaf, it should be lean and free from meat.

Soups: on meat broth. Borsch is allowed without acidic foods.
Second courses: lean meat without tendons. It is better to bake or boil. Milk sausages and sausages. Low-fat fish that can be stewed or boiled. Infrequent use of boiled vermicelli is allowed.

With any form of gastritis, it is strictly forbidden:

spicy seasonings;
carbonated drinks;
unripe fruits;

With duodenitis, it is not recommended to include any smoked meats, radishes and turnips, brown bread, sour cream and cream, grapes and cabbage in the menu. Food advantage is fractional and frequent.

Alternative methods of treating gastritis.

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