Alternative methods of treating laryngitis.

Alternative methods of treating laryngitis.

A number of improvised tools and home-based procedures help get rid of the manifestations of the disease forever.


Folk remedy is intended for the treatment of the disease in adults and children. Take a cup of unpeeled peanuts and boil in water for half an hour. After filtering, peanuts are placed in a hot pan and well-roasted. Eat the whole portion in one go. Children can be divided into three servings. Treatment is carried out for about three days.
Peanuts are very high in calories. If a person has a tendency to gain weight, it is better to refuse treatment.


Half a liter of water is poured into the pan. A few large spoons of granulated sugar are introduced and are expected to melt. Take 5 ml every hour during the entire period of the disease.

Healing drink

From coughing with inflammation of the larynx, a folk remedy helps, which is prepared from milk (a glass in the form of heat), cocoa butter and honey (in a tablespoon). Drink drink in small sips. Two glasses are required per day. Therapy takes about six days.

Nasal drops

Quickly, special drops in the nose cope with the manifestations of laryngitis. They are prepared from five teaspoons of sea buckthorn and sunflower oils taken. Use three times a day, dripping into each nostril in five doses.

Onion and egg mixture

Take four chopped stalks of green onions. A few handfuls of granulated sugar and 500 ml of water are added. Boil over medium heat for twenty minutes. Two raw goose eggs (allowed to be replaced with chicken) are introduced into the hot mixture and mixed well. The volume of the drug is divided into two portions and taken throughout the day. Such therapy should continue until the condition improves.

Tincture of calendula

Used for acute laryngitis in adults. They take one hundred milliliters of high-quality vodka and twenty grams of calendula, insist ten days away from sunlight. Take three times a dessert spoon. It is advisable to drink clean liquid. Two days later, the sinuses of the nose and throat are cleansed, the cough passes.

Foot bath

Quickly overcome the symptoms of laryngitis help the foot bath. They are prepared as follows: a handful of dry mustard or soda powder is added to a basin with three liters of moisture of 40 degrees. Lower the legs into the pelvis and hold until cool.
With an increase in temperature, the recommendation is prohibited, since the bath will negatively affect the work of the heart.


Folk doctors know how to get rid of laryngitis in adults in record time. They recommend drinking a cup of warm beer every evening for five days. You need to do this while lying in bed and covering yourself with a blanket. The recipe helps to cope with cough and returns the voice.


Take about half a kilogram of skin from fresh bacon. Cut into small strips and cooked in salted water until soft. Eat in three days.

Resin ate

When an adult has pharyngitis or laryngitis, traditional healers offer to be treated with spruce resin (can be replaced with pine), which has a disinfecting effect. The resin needs to be chewed several times a day. Treatment does not stop until symptoms are resolved.

Dry bath

Take 1 kg of salt, inject several tbsp. l chopped ginger root or mustard powder. In a pan, the mixture is heated to 60 degrees. Poured into the pelvis and buried legs, after putting on socks. The procedure at home is carried out before the salt cools. Repeat five times a day.


The acute type of disease is recommended to be treated in this way: a clove of garlic is cut into two halves, laid on both sides of the cheeks and absorbed for a long time. This procedure must be repeated twice a day. Folk remedy helps to quickly overcome the symptoms of the disease and bring recovery.

Alternative methods of treating laryngitis.

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