Alzheimer’s disease.

Infusion of senility.

Alzheimer’s disease. Treatment for dementia.

The first signs of Alzheimer’s disease:

Breaking short-term memory — it’s hard to remember something that recently diligently tried to memorize (recently memorized phone number or address).

Difficulty in learning new information.
It’s hard to concentrate your attention, to concentrate on the task at hand.

The inability to explain the meaning of a word or phrase that was previously known.
It is difficult or impossible to think abstractly.
Decreased mood, motivation, apathy.

Alzheimer’s disease.

My grandmother suffered a heart attack. And although, according to doctors, all ended well, she felt not very good. How was discharged from the hospital, standing in the bed lay before such was active — always in motion, and then, as if the person replaced.

Well, I come to us from the village of her sister, cousin, had heard about our problem. Brought goat milk and some medicinal herbs.
Brew of the herbal infusion and poila grandmother. Gradually things got better, Grandma came to life, and finally ceased to lie all day, staring at the ceiling. And when our Aunt was going to leave, we asked her what potion for our granny on their feet. It turned out this recipe in the villages have long used by senility.

It is necessary to prepare an infusion of herbs Chickweed half with stems of rye, a handful of mixture per liter of water. And to drink the infusion should be no rules, just instead of any other liquid. He gives strength, acts as a fortifying agent. In its action, we were convinced.
I know that many old people, especially after the disease can no longer stand up. But try this remedy. I’m sure it will definitely help.


Alzheimer's disease.

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