Angina Treatment.

Folk remedies treatment of angina.

Angina Treatment.

Angina Treatment folk remedies — the best recipes based on herbs, garlic, etc. Angina Treatment.

Insidious angina, alas, too frequent uninvited guest in people over the age of 50 years. Whatever its causes, the person who has experienced anxiety symptoms should know that it is possible to counter such a threat.

One should never ignore the treatment of angina folk remedies.
Angina, or as it was called earlier — angina pectoris, it is a form of coronary heart disease. Its main reason — failure of the coronary circulation, causing the heart muscle (myocardium) is experiencing oxygen starvation.

As a consequence — violated the oxidative processes in muscle tissue accumulated undigested metabolic products, myocardium without the inflow of nutrients quickly «tired», overtaxed, resulting in the characteristic pain.

Many people ask whether angina whether ekstrosistoly DANGER Risk of death and other heart problems. Of course it is worth to take them seriously and be sure to visit the doctor.

The root cause lies, most often, in atherosclerotic lesions in the coronary arteries. Narrowed atherosclerosis clearance does not allow to supply the required number of heart blood. This is especially true in times of physical or emotional stress, when the need for myocardial oxygen supply increases dramatically.

Heart Angina pain manifests itself in the retrosternal region paroxysmal character. There are pressing, burning a, squeezing sensation, often impede normal breathing. Sometimes the pain is given, and in other areas — in the area of ​​the left shoulder, neck, shoulder blades, in the left arm on its inner side. There have been instances of the spread of pain in the area of ​​the face — the jaw and teeth. It may occur angina pain in the stomach area, with the appearance characteristic of the pathology of the digestive system symptoms — heartburn (heartburn folk remedies at home), nausea, retching.

There is complex and multi-stage classification of the disease. In particular, distinguish angina and rest angina.

In the first case, the attacks occur at enhancing physical activity, in the event of stress, strong emotions. Calling angina may be extreme changes in temperature (out of the house into the cold or the wind), strong overeating. attack time can be different, depending on the degree of disease progression. Typically, the pain goes away after the normalization of the load or the psycho-emotional state.

But rest pain of angina may occur literally «an equal place». This often occurs at night during sleep, and is a cause of sudden awakening. Subtlety and unpredictability of this form is very dangerous — that it is most often the cause of myocardial infarction.

And in both cases the seizures at home removed nitroglycerine or other cardiac drugs. Frequent attacks should encourage the sick to undergo in-depth survey to identify the exact cause and administration of appropriate health measures.

However, we must not forget the age-old experience of our ancestors. Angina Treatment folk remedies possible, and sometimes necessary to strengthen and consolidate the results obtained from the receiving prescription drugs expert. Another interesting fact is that many pharmaceutical drugs is based on old recipes, herbal treatments.

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Angina Treatment.

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