Anti-aging face masks.

Anti-aging face masks.

Mask with yeast.

Smoothing the upper layer of the epidermis occurs at the first application of the yeast mixture, but to consolidate the effect, at least 10 procedures will be required.

15 drops of vitamins A and E;
1 tbsp. a spoonful of fresh juice of three-year-old aloe and olive oil;
1 tsp honey;
0.5 warm glasses of water;
1 tsp yeast
2/3 cups of wheat bran.
In warm water, you need to dissolve honey and dissolve the yeast so that they begin their fermentation. Add aloe juice, vitamin E, bran and mix everything. You should get a pasty mass in which to add vegetable fat from olives. Leave for 30 minutes to swell the bran. Then lie down and put a lot on the face. The action of this mask from wrinkles for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water without hygiene and be sure to wipe the face along the massage lines with a piece of ice from a decoction of chamomile or sage, allowing them to dry naturally.

Mask with an egg.

The simplest mask for wrinkles with an egg can retain moisture in the skin, nourish it with the necessary amino acids and vitamins A and E, and tighten the oval of the face. An egg in many masks forms the basis. In the future, any components that are at hand are added to it or one of its components. The internal components are thoroughly mixed and applied clearly before drying. Then they wash it off with warm water.

Mask with aloe.

Aloe is an excellent dope to stimulate the cell renewal process. Even if you simply wipe your face with the pulp of a leaf that contains juice, you can already get rid of not only wrinkles, but also many skin diseases. Its effective impact is simply amazing. Aloe wrinkle mask will help smooth the skin and complexion of women at any age and with different skin types.

The composition for skin care contains the following:
1 tbsp. l aloe leaf juice;
1 tsp unhardened honey.
In a ceramic container, mix the mixture, and then lubricate the face, neck and decollete with it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. The use of the mask should be regular, at least 1 time per week.

Mask with a lemon.

This mask with lemon is suitable for those who have oily skin covered with a network of deep wrinkles. Lemon juice will regulate fat content and achieve a lifting effect throughout the application area.

To create a tool we need:
half a lemon;
2 tbsp. l boiled beans.
Boil beans in water in an amount of 2 tbsp. L., knead and cool to a warm state. Squeeze in it juice from a lemon about ½ tsp. and season the composition with egg yolk. It remains to mix the mixture and get an excellent mask against deep wrinkles. Regular use of it at least 1 time per week for 20 minutes will allow you to perform a facelift no worse than visiting a professional cosmetologist.

Mask with sour cream.

The value of fermented milk products for the skin is no less than the use of food. Cleopatra and many reigning beauties of the old eras used them in their cosmetic procedures to always look amazing. The secret to the successful use of a wrinkle mask with sour cream is the special content of the beneficial substances of sour cream, which have a beneficial effect on the skin.

¼ cup sour cream;
1/2 banana
10 drops of vitamins A and E.
To prepare a mask for wrinkles, you need to stretch the banana and add sour cream to it, mix everything and finally add vitamins A and E. into the mixture. Apply to the face for 30 minutes in 2-3 days for 1.5 months.

Anti-aging face masks.

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