Anti cancer herbs.

Cooking medicine from salep.

Anti cancer herbs.

There are several ways to prepare medicine es from klubnekorney orchids. Anti cancer herbs. Klubnekorni can be ground to powder in a coffee grinder and continue to cook the drug on the basis of jelly. Take 1 g of the prepared fine powder, pour 10 ml of cold water and stir, stir.

Then add 90 ml of boiling water and shake until a slimy jelly. Take half a cup of the resulting jelly-drug sips throughout the day. Children from 10 years the dose should be reduced by half (resulting concentrate dilute with water 2 times), and for children up to 10 years — 3 times.

For the treatment of ulcers of this jelly is used in the form of lotions:
ulcer is cleaned and slime «stick together.»
I advise you to take root after eating orchids cheek and gradually dissolve it — it’s the easiest way. One nodule in a day is enough. In a resolution it will take 1-2 hours, sometimes have a bit of spine and teeth to chew. I tried to resolve the so-pip orchids — it really gives vitality, energy and strength.

As harvest orchids.

Harvest tuberous roots of orchids immediately after flowering — in late July or August.
These nodules are very small, the size of somewhere in the nail. Dig them quickly washed, and then immersed in boiling water about 4 minutes, and then strung on a thread and dried in limbo in the air, like mushrooms. Dried tubers orchids and are ready raw material, known as salep.


Anti cancer herbs.

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