Apricot Diet.

Apricot Diet.

Juice diet.

If you like apricots, then apricot diet will suit you. It is unloading, that is, it is designed for 1-3 days. Apricot Diet.

For this diet you need to prepare this dish:
Take 500 g of apricots and 300 g of dried apricots.

Apricot Diet.

From apricots squeeze the juice, and dried apricots finely chopped or chopped in a blender.
Mix the two ingredients, you get an apricot soup-puree.

It should be eaten throughout the day. Apricot juice can only be used freshly squeezed, the purchase is not good.

Apricot Diet.

A few days of apricot diet can lose weight by 2-3 kg.

Apricot diet can be done once a month, to maintain health and excellent appearance.
Apricot unloading diet is useful to all people, except diabetics


Apricot Diet.



Lose weight fast.

Bananas have a balanced complex of vitamins, included in their composition, as well as low calorie content, so they are often used to get rid of excess weight.

Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which is especially necessary during cleansing diets, as it has a laxative and diuretic effect, so the body will get rid of toxins and toxins naturally.

During the banana diet there are no complications with a stool, since the intestines are cleaned first.

Protein ratio in a banana diet is close to the recommended (At the optimal value of 1 in a banana diet 1.5, while for fats 0.2 versus 1.1, which would imply an intensive consumption of body fat).

Before you start a banana diet, you need to carefully prepare.
On a preparatory day it is forbidden to eat any salted food, fried or fatty foods, any smoking and sweets are also not recommended.

Throughout the banana diet, only bananas are needed for food.

There are two varieties of banana diet: a hard diet for 3 days and sparing for 7 days.

If you decide to sit on a rigid diet, then for a day you need to eat 3 bananas and drink 3 mugs of low-fat milk. It is permissible to dividing meals by several times, as it will be convenient for you.
Milk can be replaced with kefir. From a banana you can make a mush and mix it with kefir or milk.

A seven-day variant of a banana diet suggests that in a day you will eat 1.5 kg of bananas. You can use them at any time.
Thirst quenching is necessary for any green tea, or you can drink warmed boiled water. If the feeling of hunger is very painful, then you can eat 1 tbsp. A spoonful of any porridge and a thin slice of boiled meat and drink three sips of coffee.


Apricot Diet.


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