Argan oil saves the hair.

Argan oil saves the hair.

Argan oil is beneficial for the skin and hair. As for the skin, it has a rejuvenating effect, protects the skin of the body from stretch marks, and the face skin from dehydration, hyperpigmentation and age-related loss of elasticity.

Well, for hair, argan oil is a real find:

This oil is able to naturally moisturize the hair shaft. Unlike non-washable silicones. They simply glue the flakes of the keratin shell.

Penetrating deeply into the keratin shell, oil strengthens the hair. Increases their elasticity. Reduces the tendency of the hair to crumble. It makes the natural curls and waves more smooth and soft.

The use of argan oil as a styling agent gives shine and radiance to the hair.
Especially it concerns overdried and damaged hair. They are not amenable to conventional styling.

A high percentage of natural antioxidants, contained in argan oil, prolongs the life of hair. Prevents damage by ultraviolet.

This oil is vital for hair that periodically undergoes staining. Because this procedure severely damages the keratinous coat of the hair. Masks and balms, which contain argan oil, do not just treat the hair. But also compact the flakes of the rod. It makes the color pigment more resistant to washing out.

Argan oil contains a lot of Omega-3 and Osega-6 acids. Cysts are beneficial to the condition of the scalp and hair tips.

Prescriptions with nettles to strengthen hair.

• For washing hair, use a decoction of 100 g of dry or fresh nettle, 1 l water and 0.5 liters of table vinegar. Blend the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes. Allow to cool. Then strain. Add 2-3 cups of the resulting broth in a container of water for washing your hair. After washing, it is desirable to tie the head with a warm towel or kerchief.

• To strengthen hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth 100 g of dry or fresh nettle infuse for a week on 100 g of vegetable oil in a glass container. Then strain. The oil infusion is heated. It is applied in the form of a mask for the scalp 1 hour before washing the hair.
Then wash the hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

• You can use nettle juice to rinse your hair after washing your head.
It should be diluted with water — 100 g of juice per 1 liter of water. The hair must be pre-washed. Towel dried.

• Firming lotion. 100 grams of raw material pour 0.5 liters of vodka or diluted medical alcohol. Insist 15 days in a dark cool place. Shake each day several times. The finished product is filtered. Apply to rubbing in the scalp after washing the hair.


Argan oil saves the hair.

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