Arthritis — an insidious disease.

Arthritis — an insidious disease.

Many people do not seek medical attention until severe pain and limit mobility, and in vain, because in the later stages of arthritis is sometimes required time-consuming operation to replace cartilage, total or partial joint prosthesis. Arthritis — an insidious disease.
Although prosthetic joint operations carried out for a long time and generally successful, surgical treatment of arthritis — is, of course, an extreme measure, because any radical intervention may lead to complications.

When symptoms such as pain in the spine or joints, you need to understand that their damage (metabolic, inflammatory, or dystrophic) is constantly progressing.

Arthritis — an insidious disease.

Arthritis — insidious disease and unpredictable, so the joint affected by arthritis, may at any time change its structure irreversibly, which in turn may lead to disability. Meanwhile, the latest medical advances make it possible to slow down the development of arthritis at an early stage.
Arthritis — is an inflammatory joint disease (often several, such arthritis called arthritis).
Arthritis sick people of all ages, especially women often middle-aged and elderly people. According to statistics, 80% of people over 65 years suffer from arthritis.

Why the disease occurs?

For arthritis characterized by joint pain, especially when driving, there are often limits its motility, swelling, changes shape.

Arthritis can start abruptly (acute arthritis) or develop gradually (chronic arthritis). Arthritis can be a separate disease, and other disease manifestations (eg, for chlamydia (this genital infection) often affects the joints of the feet).

The factors the risk of arthritis are actually genetic (hereditary pathology of the joints; the female sex) and acquired (smoking, overweight, joint injury, and professional sports stress on the joints).

The emergence of joint inflammation also contribute to allergies, infections, immune disorders due of infections, as well as metabolic and food joint.

Arthritis — an insidious disease.

Healthy joint, as the whole body is composed of living cells. Most leg joints, arms, jaws experiencing damaging factor Passive shock, but live cells capable of regeneration and full recovery.

But sometimes the joints are subjected to excessive loads for them (and not just because of the intense physical labor — now increasingly due to excess weight.
Particularly affected by this leg joints). Protects joints from overloading depreciation neuromuscular system: the skeletal muscles tightening the joint, to avoid any shock effect.

Many receptors located in the tissues of the joints, allow the nervous system to ensure smooth movement and protection of joint tissues. It neuromuscular protection «legs gave way» when you try to jump on straight legs.

This makes it limp, protecting the affected joint overload. Even at rest the muscles are held by the nervous system in an alternating tone, forming a so called mikrovibratsionnye pumps that increase blood flow and lymph flow. This cleans, dead cells and improves the allocation of joint lubrication.

Arthritis — an insidious disease.

The muscles are controlled by nerve impulses that pass through the spinal cord. Any violation of the joint or the spine leads to a weakening or even loss of neuromuscular joint protection. The spine is protected by the same principles. Neuromuscular cushioning deterioration leads to faster degradation as a joint, and of the spine and further to the protection of neuromuscular weakening. Thus, the circle closes problems.

As a rule, the root causes of arthritis and chronic course is the existence of problems in the spine and muscular insufficiency of resources for the effective protection of the joints. wherein one
aggravates the other. The weakening of the muscle resources (due to overwork or natrenirovannosti) leading to insufficient protection of joints and spine and occurrence of micro them even under normal loads.

The spine has no pain receptors, so the initial stage of degradation is not accompanied by painful sensations, but is characterized by impaired blood supply to the spinal cord. This in turn leads to a deterioration of the internal organs and reduce the recovery rate of muscle resources. The process becomes chronic, progressively accelerating degradation joints and spine.

Arthritis — an insidious disease.

And one day not too awkward movement causes pain, indicating that the large accumulation of dead cells and the development of edema. And if time does not take action, pain may develop into an inflammatory reaction (arthritis).

Injuries, bruises, burns can trigger the rapid development of the disease. Age, osteochondrosis also increase the risk of chronicity of joint disease. If the inflammation is not possible to defeat a few months, then begin progressive deformities in joints — arthrosis.

When starting to use any painkillers, joint deprived of reflex protection and damage piling up fast, that soon It gives a new wave of pain. Require more doses of pain medication, treatment comes to a standstill. Therefore analgesics in the treatment of joints is not recommended. But more in the treatment of arthritis will be discussed later.

Early detection of disease (especially when it comes to such a system, that is affecting the whole body disease such as rheumatoid arthritis) can significantly reduce the harm that may be caused to the joints and other tissues.

Arthritis Treatment includes medication, physical therapy, mud therapy, hirudotherapy, power correction and surgical treatment.

Arthritis - an insidious disease.

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