Arthritis pain relief.

Baths from rheumatism.

Arthritis pain relief.

Tortured me rheumatism — legs twisted, even cry. Arthritis pain relief. A little before the depression it did not happen. And doctors can not do anything right: they treat one, the other crawls out.

I decided to put myself on my feet. Started with spruce baths — they both from rheumatism, and from nerves help. I chopped the fir branches (the more, the better), poured hot water in a bucket and insisted.

As the water will lightly cool, I will immerse my feet in the infusion and I’ll get a puff in half an hour. Then I’ll wrap up the heat and lie down for an hour in bed, I’ll get warm again.
I did 7 such procedures with a break in two days.

Then she went over to the sage baths, read that they were also good at rheumatism. Prepared them like this: poured 200 g of sage leaf 5 liters water, brought to a boil and insisted for two hours.

The strained infusion poured into a bath of warm water and lay there for about 10 minutes. This course is designed for 8-10 procedures. And corrected zdorovchko!

Arthritis pain relief.

• For pains in the joints, the inflorescence of flowering dandelions should be crushed and put in a jar, pour vodka 1: 1, insist 12 days in a dark place, periodically shaking. Strain, wring out. Tincture lubricate the joints for 5 minutes, then rub until burning, wrap with linen material and warm it for the night.

• For the treatment of rheumatism eat fresh stems of a flowering dandelion (best on day 3 of the inflorescence). It is also recommended to collect and immediately grind dandelion flowers, mix them 1: 1 by volume with sugar, put on a jar for a day in a warm dark place, then insist in the refrigerator for 1,5 weeks.

Strain the contents, carefully wring out, store in the refrigerator. Take rheumatism at any time during the entire flowering season. With this recipe, you can completely get rid of rheumatism during the season.


Arthritis pain relief.

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