Asthma treatment.

Asthma treatment.

Asthma (bronchial) is a chronic respiratory disease. It is caused by edema and spasms of the bronchial mucosa. Currently, it is characterized by a progressive course, which is why it is considered a serious problem of society. The reasons for the development are not fully understood, but heredity is considered one of the most probable.

The main signs of the disease are a rapid heartbeat, wheezing sounds during breathing, cough worse at night and in the morning, lack of air and a feeling of constriction in the chest.
Asthma is allergic (exposure to aggressive agents from outside), infectious (viral and infectious diseases), mixed and cardiac (congestion of blood in the lungs). Before starting treatment, doctors prescribe clinical tests and clarify the type of disease. An alternative way to deal with the problem is called asthma treatment with folk remedies.


Home phyto-infusions are considered a mandatory part of the treatment program. Some are aimed at combating the bronchial form of the disease, others are good as a medicine for heart. The course lasts up to three months.

Mono Infusions.

1. Oregano has an expectorant effect, the infusion of which is recommended to alleviate the condition of bronchial asthma. For 200 milliliters of boiling water, take a few tablespoons of dry raw material. After half an hour, filter. Drink three times a day for 1/3 cup.
Men are not allowed to take the drug for more than seven days per year.

2. Together with the husk, chop a large spoonful of oats. Pour a glass of boiling water and stand under a towel for two hours. The drug is recommended for coughing attacks. The dose is half a cup. Repeat twice.

3. Fifteen grams of fresh or dry leaves of the plantain medicinal insist fifteen minutes in 1 tbsp. hot moisture. Take up to four times a day for a tablespoon. Use as an expectorant.

4. To four teaspoons of coltsfoot, add 220 ml of hot moisture. After half an hour, filter. Drink four times ¼ cup.

5. One teaspoon of chopped dioica nettle leaves is combined with 250 ml of boiling water. When infused, filter. Drink in a day.
The prescription is contraindicated for a tendency to thrombophlebitis, increased blood pressure and uterine bleeding.

6. With difficulty breathing recommended hawthorn infusion — 1 tbsp. l raw materials per cup of water. Take three times. It can be used in the treatment of children.

7. Two large tablespoons of strawberry leaves are combined with 400 ml of boiling water. Filter after 4 hours. Drink 120 milliliters before meals, repeating three times.

8. Wormwood seeds in the amount of a teaspoon pour a cup of boiling water. Filter after three hours. Consume ½ cup before meals in the morning and at lunch.

9. Prolonged use of the drink can lead to hallucinations, a disorder of nervous activity.

10. Jerusalem artichoke helps in the treatment of bronchial type of asthma. Grated fruit in the amount of two large spoons is steamed with a glass of hot moisture. After an hour, filter. Drink ¼ Art. three times.

11. 8 g of cyanosis herb steamed 0.23 liters of boiling water. For two hours they are sent to a dark place, after being wrapped in a towel. Drink after a meal of 1 tbsp. l

12. 30 grams of clover flowers are steamed with a liter of boiling water. Insist hour. Use every hour for 50 milliliters.

13. Since the plant is poisonous, regular use of the composition may result in signs of poisoning: headache, nausea and vomiting. Large doses of the plant have a depressing effect on the nervous system.

14. 7 g of grass string is steamed with two cups of hot liquid. Filter after ten minutes. Take morning and evening for 1 tbsp. l

15. To a glass of boiling water add 20 g of yarrow herb. Hour insist. In strained form, they are used three times a day.

16. Four tablespoons of chopped hyssop grass is poured into a thermos and poured with a liter of boiling water. Within 1 hour, insist. Filter through cheesecloth and drink 1 tbsp. l before breakfast and night rest. The recipe helps in relieving the asthma attacks common to all types of illness.

17. The stick of licorice root weighing 30 g is crushed, pour a glass of boiling water and incubated for a day (single dose). Filter. Store in a glass container. Use at the first sign of severity in the sternum.

18. For allergic asthma take 1 tbsp. l fresh birch leaves, steamed in 300 ml of boiling water. Two hours later squeeze. Drink three times in 100 ml.
In the presence of stones in the bile ducts, treatment should occur with extreme caution.

19. The marshmallow of the medicinal has a softening effect. Three tbsp. l raw materials steamed with 500 ml of boiling water. After an hour, filter and add a little honey. Use half a glass three times a day.

20. A teaspoon of mullein flowers is brewed in 230 ml of hot moisture. After filtration, use ½ tbsp. morning and evening to reduce swelling of the tissues.

21. In a cup of boiling water brew 5 g of burdock spikes. After a short time, squeeze. Drink per day, divided into a couple of doses.


Asthma treatment.

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