Asthma Treatments.

Asthma Treatments.


A sick person must adhere to a special diet: avoid too fatty and spicy foods, lean on fruits, vegetables and protein foods. Since all kinds of preservatives and dyes cause an asthmatic attack, you should carefully study the composition of the purchased product, forever giving up harmful products.

Breathing exercises

In the treatment of pathology, gymnastics performed at home is aimed at normalizing the process of gas exchange between air and blood. This eliminates respiratory failure. With proper gymnastics, the abdominal and pectoral muscles will support the respiratory function of the lungs, regardless of the nature of the physical activity.

The principles of the procedure are as follows:
inhalation is carried out through the nose, exit through the mouth;
on inspiration, the stomach is retracted, with exhalation, the palms are brought to the mouth;
on the exhale, the letter C is pronounced (similarly pronounced W, Y, E, U).

At the initial stage, each letter is pronounced just a couple of times. In the future, the number of repetitions increases, as does the time allotted for gymnastics.

Asthma Treatments. Ginger Juice.

Squeeze juice from fresh ginger root. A pinch of soybean is added to 30 ml of juice and drunk during an attack. As a preventative measure, it is mixed with honey and consumed before bedtime, washed down with herbal tea.


The use of figs helps sputum discharge. Take four fruits, washed and soaked in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, eat on an empty stomach. Treatment lasts about two months.
Figs are high in sugar, which is bad for people with diabetes.


To 250 grams of coffee (it is better to take high-quality, ground at home) add 500 ml of fresh honey, mix. Eat before meals on a dessert spoon for twenty days. When relief is achieved, treatment is repeated again after a few days.


Salmon meat contributes to the reduction of airway inflammation. Its regular use allows you to get rid of discomfort once and for all. Due to its fatty acid content, this fish helps the lungs respond less to irritating agents that trigger asthma symptoms. If fresh salmon is not available, salmon oil can be consumed.


According to adherents of alternative treatment, a person can be relieved with asthma in a rather simple way — by eating a daily head of raw onion every day.
Another recipe using onions. Take 40 heads of seed product, pour boiling water to achieve softness. Drain and stew the onions in olive oil. Kneading. Use a large spoon in the morning and evening.


Massage of the upper back and sternum is very useful for asthmatics, as it is aimed at restoring breathing. The therapeutic effect is provided in several directions — relief of acute attacks and relief from physical exertion. It is better if during the procedure the room contains aromas of ginger and various herbs.

Ginger oil is also used directly during the session. Another effective massage drug is badger fat. Since it is difficult to absorb, a small amount is used, distributing over the skin with movements of medium activity.

Before the start of the procedure, the preparatory stage is mandatory. It includes stroking movements, vibration and circular kneading. They recommend starting the massage from the hips, gradually moving up.

It makes sense to perform self-massage, especially when you feel an approaching attack. The patient should lean forward, in a circular motion, massage the jugular cavity section (first clockwise, then against it). At the same time, it is necessary to raise and lower the shoulders evenly. Massages can be performed frequently.

Garlic oil

Folk remedy has a softening effect. Garlic is ground on a grater (five cloves). Mix with salt and 100 g butter. Pasta is used for spreading on rye bread. If desired, it is permissible to add to mashed potatoes or vegetable salad.


To a cup of hot milk add 1 tsp. melted lard. Repeat use twice a day with coughing attacks. Recommended for the treatment of pathology in adults and children from seven years.


Recommended for bronchial and cardiac asthma at 0.3 grams after breakfast and dinner. It should be combined with honey or milk. Treatment lasts 28 days. There are three courses in total, with breaks of ten days. It is very important to find a quality product.

Asthma Treatments

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