Atherosclerosis fees

Atherosclerosis fees

1. At the initial stage of the disease, a collection is made of dandelion root, leaves and roots of wild strawberries, lemon balm and nettle (in equal shares). Six grams is steamed with 300 milliliters of boiling water. Filter through an hour. Accepted during the day.

2. Prepare a collection of components of equal weight: stalks and leaves of garden dill, initial letters of medicinal and field horsetail. A handful of burdock roots is added. 15 g of the mixture are allowed to infuse in 350 ml of hot water. They are divided into several equal portions and taken during the day.

3. In the fight against the disease, the following plant mixture is used at an early stage: forest strawberry greens, peppermint leaves, ripened rose hips, oats straw. Everything is mixed in equal amounts, a tablespoon is separated, steamed in 400 milliliters of boiling water. Take 100 ml before meals.
An overdose of the drug turns into severe headaches.

4. The following recipe has a similar effect: one part of the leaves and inflorescences of yarrow, green birch and coltsfoot are combined with two parts of the blossoms of hawthorn. In two glasses of hot water, 15-20 g of collection is steamed, left for 3 hours. In the morning they drink 100 ml, in the evening — 200 ml.

5. In 300 milliliters of boiling water, pour a pinch of blackberry leaves, elecampane rhizomes, oregano and a shepherd’s bag. Insist. Use during the day before meals, divided into equal portions.

6. In the elimination of early atherosclerosis, plant collection from the inflorescences of clover, calendula, rowan fruits and corn stigmas (the same amount) helps. Seven grams of the raw material is steamed in 250 ml of boiling water. Take three times a day, 80 ml.

Atherosclerosis fees

7. Take a pinch of hawthorn fruit, immortelle inflorescences, forest raspberry shoots, lingonberry leaves. Mix, separate a teaspoon and steam with a cup of boiling water. Use in four doses.
The recipe is considered a diuretic, therefore, it is able to reduce pressure.

8. To achieve relief from shortness of breath and dizziness, drink an infusion of taken in an equal amount of green lingonberries and birch, hawthorn fruit and dandelion roots (half as much). The daily rate is a glass.

9. The following recipe helps to normalize lipid metabolism: dandelion and dioscorea roots, immortelle and rose inflorescences, rose hips, nettle, yarrow and oats are mixed in the same amount. Tea l. fall asleep in a glass with boiling water. Filter after 30 minutes. Drink volume during the day.

10. In order to get rid of excess weight, the following collection is taken (in equal shares): fruits of mountain ash and aronia, rose hips, leaves of dill, birch, yarrow, strawberries, peppermint, shepherd’s bag, initial letters, rhizomes and roots of elecampane, marigold inflorescences and sophors. 20 grams is steamed in 380 ml of boiling water and insisted for an hour. Filter. Divided into equal portions and taken during the day.

11. A collection of rose hips, horse chestnut and hawthorn, lingonberry, raspberry, lemon balm, black nightshade, shoots of kidney tea, sundew and oregano, rose inflorescences, corn stigmas and buckwheat, dandelion roots and horse sorrel. Select 1 tbsp. l., steamed in boiling water (350 ml). It is kept under the lid for fifteen minutes. Use 110 ml three times a day.
The composition claimed black nightshade, not recommended for a tendency to flatulence.

Atherosclerosis fees

12. Leaves and shoots of anchor, oat straw, peppermint leaves, initial letters, ruta and blackberry, rhizomes of chicory and dioscorea, rose hips and hawthorn, apple peel and immortelle inflorescences are mixed. 20 grams is steamed with 1.5 cups of hot water. Fifteen minutes later, filter with gauze. Drink three times a day, dividing the volume into equal portions.
Acceptance of hypotonic drugs will cause a sharp deterioration.

13. In case of brain damage, a collection is prepared from the same amount of leaves of anchor, coltsfoot, peppermint, ledum, willow bark, dill and hawthorn fruits, corn stigmas, common rowan inflorescences and dandelion roots. Steamed 1 tbsp. l a mixture of one and a half cups of boiling water. After an hour, filter. Use half a glass three times.

14. Take the same amount of immortelle flowers and roses, shoots of raspberries and oats, grass of wild strawberries and motherwort, rose hips and peel of apples. 20 g of the mixture are poured with two cups of water and held in a water bath for 10 minutes. The filtered folk remedy is divided into three portions. Helps with damage to the vessels of the brain.

15. Cerebral circulation is restored by collecting from equal proportions of shoots of mistletoe and kidney tea, inflorescences of buckwheat and clover, dill grass, cinnamon, blackberry, sweet clover and hawthorn fruit. One art. l herbs are steamed in two cups of boiling water. Filter through fifteen minutes. Take in portions three times a day.

Atherosclerosis fees

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