Atrial Fibrillation.

Atrial Fibrillation.

Atrial Fibrillation — Treatment with folk remedies.

Recommendations and Prevention.

Arrhythmia is one of the most common disorders of the heart. For this reason, such a relevant and useful the treatment of atrial fibrillation folk remedies — because of all the varieties of the disease is most common is atrial.

This disease is a periodic or permanent malfunction of the heart. Heart rate becomes unstable, which is why disrupted blood flow to all body systems.

Risk factors include everything that can interfere with normal operation of the heart, including stress and adverse environmental conditions, so over time the arrhythmia problem is becoming more and more urgent.

Although it is assumed that it is frivolous disease (and some say that not even a disease), the arrhythmia itself is quite insidious. In her treatment, however, there is nothing difficult.

The biggest problem of this disease — that people too often do not attach much importance to it and ignore violations of the heart. So it does not even get an accurate incidence statistics.

It is believed, however, that the atrial fibrillation are sick of not less than two and a half million people in Russia.

A cardiac arrhythmia in general — more, more broadly about the treatment of arrhythmias folk remedies we have told in another article.

Risk factors.

Lack of enlightenment about the problems that may arise with health does not allow people to understand that he had atrial fibrillation.

There are risk factors that increase the probability of occurrence of this disease:

Age — a key factor. The older the person, the higher the probability of occurrence of heart problems.
Inextricably linked to atrial fibrillation and alcohol. Alcohol abuse (periodic or continuous) increases the risk of cardiac work.
Stress — is another possible cause. Hectic lifestyle, anxiety at work or on their studies are able to «undermine» the normal rhythm of the heart even at a young and healthy body.

Classification and features.

In addition to the severity of atrial fibrillation is classified according to frequency. Apart from single attacks, which are not repeated hereinafter, identify forms of disease:

Paroxysmal — lasting up to a week;
persistent — longer than a week;
chronic — occurring regularly.

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation is not the easiest to discern. Meanwhile, there are a number of distinguishing features, when it detects that it makes sense to consult a doctor:

constant tiredness, lethargy and mood decline;
lethargy movements, shortness of breath and lack of physical tone;
chest pain, which may be accompanied by unaccountable feeling of fear;
excessive sweating, dizziness and fainting.
Of more general problem — a tachycardia, you can read in a special article: how to treat tachycardia at home.

hazard Warning.

Atrial fibrillation can go into heart failure — a much more serious illness, life-threatening. Many patients, however, do not even imagine what such a dangerous arrhythmia, and not in a hurry, even if there is suspicion, displayed cardiologist.

Apply the same to him should in any case there was concern about the heart. After all, there may be other problems with the heart, the same angina (angina treated like at home we have written here).

The presence of one of these symptoms do not necessarily mean that the patient is atrial fibrillation. But to see this once again and establish the cause will not be superfluous.

Treatment and prevention.

In order not to have to use traditional remedies for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (and homeopathy, too), it is best not to bring himself to this state. Especially as the prevention and treatment are not a big deal.

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Atrial Fibrillation.

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