Ayurvedic cocktail from excess weight.

Ayurvedic cocktail from excess weight.

A simple and useful Ayurvedic remedy for getting rid of excess weight. This is a lemon drink. To make it, add 1 cup of water to the glass. a spoonful of lemon juice and 2 tbsp. spoons of honey. To stir thoroughly. Drink this drink every morning on an empty stomach. This will help you get rid of excess weight. Also support the body in good shape.

Eat slow and lose weight.

Japanese scientists have drawn an interesting conclusion about the relationship between the rate of absorption of food and body weight.

It turns out that in order to maintain your weight for many years, it is necessary to eat slowly.
The study was based on data on 4000 healthy people. Someone had a habit of eating very slowly. Someone — just slow. Others took food at a normal pace.

There was a group whose representatives ate quickly or very quickly (lunch — for 5 minutes). Scientists compared the weight of representatives of all categories at the moment with weight. And which they had in 20 years. A direct relationship was found between the rate of absorption of food and the body mass index.

Those who habitually eat fast, at 40-50 years of age, weight significantly exceeds their own rate at the age of 20 years. If a person ate slowly all his life. He, as a rule, manages to maintain in 40-50 years the same weight, as in 20 years. Or a little more. Of course, other habits influenced these results. Physical education. The amount of food. Smoking, alcohol.

Japanese scientists took into account all possible influences. But the final conclusion remains the same. The faster you eat, the more you gain weight.

What is a zero diet? Ayurvedic cocktail from excess weight.

Zero diet is often called the rate of complete starvation. He is appointed by a dietitian with the goal of causing a shock in the metabolic system. To stimulate the organism to expend its own reserves of nutrients. Zero diet is prescribed to obese people. Not suffering from liver, kidney, hemopoietic and cardiovascular diseases.

With a zero diet, the patient is not allowed to eat any food. But you need to drink at least 3 liters of fluid per day: tea, coffee, vegetable broths (but not juices), mineral water.

Their ratio is determined by the doctor, based on the patient’s state of health.
Zero diet can be done only in a hospital, under the supervision of a doctor. Because, as the body reacts to such a shock, it is impossible to predict.

Ayurvedic cocktail from excess weight.

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