Balm from an ulcer.

Balm from an ulcer.

Hand-made balms are a good alternative to pharmaceutical preparations. Therapy is continued from two weeks to several months (they focus on the severity of symptoms and the individual reaction of the body).

1. Ten grams of propolis is combined with butter in an amount of 100 g, which has been melted. Stir until the beekeeping product is completely dissolved, and then the mass is kept on a steam bath until it acquires a homogeneous consistency. Use a healing balm for a dessert spoon three times a day.
With improper preparation and administration, the following side effects are possible: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness.

2. Disease of the stomach is eliminated by a popularly known recipe. To 300 ml of flower honey add the same amount of walnut kernels and butter. In an oven at a temperature of 100 degrees, they languish for 25 minutes. Use the balm in three sets of tablespoon before meals.

3. Take three liters of warm yogurt. Enter 500 ml of natural honey and mix well. They use a folk remedy for a cup in the morning and before bedtime. Treatment is not stopped until the remedy runs out.
Official medicine categorically prohibits the use of yogurt, especially stale, with peptic ulcer.

4. An ulcer of the duodenum and stomach is treated with a balm of honey and lemon juice. The latter is obtained from two fruits. It takes half a liter of honey; the same amount of corn oil is added. They keep the balm in the refrigerator, and use it three times in half a glass.

5. A good prescription for treating the stomach involves mixing aloe gruel (250 g), honey (250 g). The mixture is heated to sixty degrees and half a liter of red wine is introduced. A week is stored in the dark. Drink 1 tbsp. l., performing three approaches a day. The course lasts three weeks.

6. Mix 100 g of 1% novocaine with the same amount of Vinylinum, aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil, almagel and honey. After mixing, the balm is considered ready for use. A single dose is a teaspoon. Repeat up to six times a day for a couple of weeks.

7. 250 ml of olive oil and liquid honey are combined, the juice of one lemon is added. Accepted during the month for 1 tbsp. l in the morning on an empty stomach. Advice is considered effective in exacerbating pathology.


Balm from an ulcer.

8. Equally combine natural honey, pollen and bee bread. Take a balm between breakfast and lunch for 1 tbsp. l., breeding in a cup of clean boiled water.

9. Half a glass of alcohol is added to one hundred milliliters of viscous honey. Take the drug in the morning for a mustard spoon.

10. During the attack, prepare such a balm: raw yolk of a chicken egg, half a glass of cocoa powder, two tbsp. l honey and 1 tsp. melted cow butter. After connecting the components, the mass is placed on a steam bath and simmer for ten minutes. Take up to six servings per day. Serving — 1 tbsp. l

11. Take yolks from 3 dozen warm chicken eggs. A kilogram of melted butter and 500 ml of alcohol are mixed in a glass container. Use 1 tbsp. l in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Store the mass in the refrigerator.

12. In a proportion of one to three, brewer’s yeast and honey are mixed. Store therapeutic balm in the refrigerator, eating 1 tsp each morning.

13. To a glass of honey add a dozen drops of black cumin oil and 1 tbsp. l powder, at home prepared from dried pomegranate peels. Every morning on an empty stomach they eat 1 tsp. facilities. It is better to drink milk. Treatment is carried out a couple of months.

14. Through a meat grinder, half a kilogram of livestock root is passed. Mix the gruel with the same amount of natural honey. They let stand for a day, and from the second they begin treatment — 1 tbsp. l every time before eating.
The composition is very allergenic.

15. To two parts of sugar add one — chopped fresh rose hips. The mass is tightly packed in glass jars and corked with a lid. They give the syrup to cook, and then they are treated four times a day for a pair of large spoons.

16. 100 g of chopped eucalyptus leaves are combined with 500 ml of vodka and honey. For three weeks they put in a place inaccessible to the sun. After using 1 tbsp. l before eating.

Balm from an ulcer.

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