Banana diet.

Banana diet.

Best way to lose weight.

In search of beauty and attractiveness of female representatives have tried a huge number of diets. To help plump women find beautiful shape, banana diet has been developed. Today, this weight loss method allows you to lose three days up to three kilograms.

It is worth noting that the banana diet and the diet is not quite like. It is usually allowed to eat different foods in moderation. In this case, one of the requirements is eating only one type of fruit. This weight loss method is called mono-diet.

However, adhere to the mono-diet can be a maximum of 3-4 days, since it is harmful to health. After all, the body is deprived of vitamins and other nutrients that we get from other foods.

It is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential to our body vitamins and minerals. Due to the phosphorus content in such fruits, they increase the mental activity.

Bananas will not only lose weight but also improve digestion.

Banana diet does not consist of some bananas. Along with them are allowed to take low-fat milk, and drink plenty of water. It is also possible green tea. For those who are contraindicated milk, it is recommended to replace it with yogurt with a small percentage of fat.

The amount ingested products depends on what type of diet you choose.

Banana diet for 3 days. This type of diet is more strict, since it allows in the day to eat 3 bananas and drink as much milk glasses. There are no specific requirements as for what to eat. You can eat a banana and drink milk at once, you can do the opposite.

Banana diet, which lasts up to 7 days — this is a simple way to lose weight. one day can eat half a kilogram of bananas. You can also drink unsweetened green tea. During all the time allowed to eat 2 eggs, as they help to fill the required amount of protein in the body. Such a diet helps to lose a day to 1 kg.

Following such a diet should forget about the different sweets and salads with mayonnaise, or extra weight back will be felt.


Banana diet.

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