Basic principles of diet.

Basic principles of diet.

Diet top — model.  

Basic principles of diet. We offer you a diet that nutritionists developed specifically for the modelsThe main advantage of this diet is that even significant weight loss with this diet does not involve the loss of health. 

On the contrary, after a few weeks of the metabolic processes in the body are improving, energy swing, eyes shine, hair shine.

Basic principles of diet.

During a meal you can not mix simple carbohydrates (sugar, fructose, fruit juices, fruit, alcohol, milk, dairy products that contain milk sugar (cream, sour cream, sweet cottage cheese, condensed milk, yogurt, fresh cheese, cottage cheese) and complex carbohydrates (flour, bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals, corn flakes, corn).

One type of carbohydrates can be combined with the following products: all varieties of vegetables (except for maize and potato), dairy products, cheese, cheese, bean, lean meats, chicken and turkey breast, and fats: or vegetable (sunflower, olive, linseed, sesame) or animals (butter, cream, mayonnaise, sausages).

Basic principles of diet.

You can not mix with anything: coffee, black tea, cocoa, bananas, all sorts of nuts, whole beans, raisins, prunes, chocolate.

To feed your body every 2 hours and try not to miss the next meal.
Two hours is enough to digest the food and transform it into energy. If time does not throw «fuel», there will be the feeling of hunger and you will certainly eat over and above the norm.

Basic principles of diet.

During the day you need to make one 10-hour break from eating during this time will have time to relax the autonomic system.
But that’s not all, before you sit on this diet, you need to decide what type of people you are.

Authors diet divide all people into two types: high and low.

Low type: dry mucous, pale pink tongue, clear skin, hardy, capable of sustained concentration.

High Style: good salivation, bright pink tongue, problem skin, tire quickly and need frequent respite.

Recommendations for people of low type.

To maintain vegetative balance type requires low as much as possible of carbohydrates.
Coffee and black tea in small quantities may even be beneficial.

But those who need badly to lose weight, it is best to drink herbal or green tea and mineral water  without gas.

Fruits and vegetables can be eaten with little or no restrictions, but for those who need to lose quite a lot of weight, better give preference to apples sour varieties, citrus and vegetables.

The vegetative system such as low in the morning you must cheer up, start. This task is best cope carbohydrates. And enough very small amount.

Approximate daily diet:

In the morning on an empty stomach:

a lump of sugar.
An hour later: a slice of bread.
After 2 hours, 20 g of bread + butter + 30 g cheese + tomato.
After 2 hours visits: 1 banana
After 2 hours, 80 g of meat or fish or egg + 1 potato, or 1 teaspoon rice + any vegetables (not beans).
After 2 hours visits: 25 g of chocolate.
After 2 hours, 200 g of cottage cheese.
After 2 hours visits: 300 g fruit acid.

Recommendations for higher type of people.

To be in good shape, high class people in the morning requires a small amount of fat, then during the day they will not feel painful bouts of hunger and will be easier to follow a diet.

Ideally, it is a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, however, fit and any vegetable oil. It can not be anything to jam and drink. Drinking tea is allowed no earlier than an hour. As for fruits, then, for all their undoubted utility of higher type they need to be a bit limited in quantity.

Essential vitamins and minerals can be obtained from vegetables. The most useful vegetable for them — avocados. In addition, good turnips, pumpkin, zucchini, radishes.

Approximate daily diet:

In the morning on an empty stomach:

a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

An hour later: a cup of green tea.

After 2 hours, 200 g of cottage cheese or 1 banana or an apple.

After 2 hours, 80 g of boiled fish, meat, poultry, or egg + small jacket potato or rice + any vegetables.

After 2 hours: a cup of green tea.

After 2 hours: a large portion of vegetables with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

After 2 hours visits: some raw vegetables.


Basic principles of diet.

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