Baths from menopause.

Baths from menopause.

According to the advocates of self-healing, bathing with the addition of medicinal plants is the right solution for the overall strengthening of the body, treatment of hot flashes and reducing other signs of menopause at home.

1. Make a collection of pine buds, calamus root, sage, wormwood and yarrow (in equal shares). 10 dessert spoons are taken, added to three liters of water and sent to the fire. After boiling, cook no more than seven minutes. The recipe is good for general strengthening of the body during the menopause. The course is ten procedures.

2. To overcome increased sweating, you can use a bath with sage and oak bark. Take 10 grams of each component, pour 0.25 liters of boiling water, stand for two hours. The finished infusion is poured into water at a temperature of 38 degrees. The bathing procedure lasts about 7-10 minutes. This infusion can be used differently: by washing the face and body three times a day.

3. Baths with yarrow and valerian are an effective remedy for strong nervous excitement. Take 200 grams of each of the herbs, boil in a liter of water, and then add to the bath. Session time is twenty minutes. It is advisable to arrange water procedures before bedtime. Therapy is performed for two weeks.

4. Grind the roots of wormwood, pour cold water. The composition is insisted for several hours, and then boiled for ten minutes. Poured into the bath 37 degrees. Recommended for neurosis in women and men.

Baths from menopause.

5. For minor pain in the joints, baths with Dead Sea salt are recommended. Two handfuls of salt are added to water at a temperature of 37 degrees. The time of the procedure is a quarter of an hour. You need to take a bath three times a week in the evenings.

6. Take 50 grams of thyme, oregano, calamus root, sage, pine buds and wormwood. Mix the collection with several liters of water. Boil on low heat for half an hour. The broth is poured into water 38 degrees. The time for taking a relaxing bath is 15 minutes.

7. Relief of tides and lowering pressure contribute to baths with geranium oil. Before adding to water, oil in the amount of 7 drops is mixed with a dessert spoon of sea salt. Take a bath for at least ten minutes. The course of treatment is ten days. Suitable for both sexes.

8. To a liter of water add 30 grams of crushed roots of a medicinal lovage. On fire stand 20 minutes. After a little insist under a towel. The filtered broth is added to water. It is recommended to have a bath for a night for fifteen minutes. The course of treatment is 28 baths.

9. Take one liter of water, add 50 grams of goose root roots. For half an hour boil over low heat, filter. Add a decoction to the water 37 degrees. Take a bath at any time of the day. The procedure is especially useful for overweight. The course of treatment is 14 baths.

10. To relieve irritability before bedtime, it is recommended to take a bath with the addition of essential oils of mint, frankincense, bergamot, jasmine, cypress, sage, lavender. 5-10 drops are added to the bath. The session lasts 10 minutes.

Baths from menopause.

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