Beautiful nails.

Choose a file for nails

Beautiful nails.

Any tool for manicure should be convenient and functional — this fully applies to the saws.

Good saws with grinding (they look like paper). Even better, ceramic files, especially they are relevant for gentle treatment of brittle weak nails.

Metal saws with a diamond notch should be used with caution, and the nail can be treated with this file only in one direction, while a ceramic saw can be used in both directions.
This is much more convenient, especially when you do yourself a manicure.

Ceramic file can be smoothed, tweaked, polished upper edge of the nail, when it is stratified.
After the treatment with a ceramic nail file, as a rule, they fade less.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the ceramic file less wears out and lasts longer, it is the most economical and also easy to clean. It is easy to rinse and boil, or disinfect
Alcohol solution or chlorhexidine solution — that is, it is easy to disinfect, so ceramic saws are considered the most hygienic.

Usually it is recommended to have a separate hand and leg file, however, the ceramic file can be one by itself, if, of course, you have healthy fingernails and feet that are not affected by the fungus.

Beautiful nails.

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