Beauty Recipes.

Natural cosmetic products.

Recipes of beauty.

Ointment from the leaves of the lilac — collected at the beginning of the summer of purple leaves and an equal amount of internal lard fat put layers in the dish so that the first and last were layers of fat. Beauty Recipes.

Dishes tightly close the lid and put in the oven not hot for 10 hours, and then give the mixture to cool, deform and squeeze out through the cheesecloth. The resulting liquid is poured into a jar and mixed occasionally before cooling.

Recipes of beauty.

Ointment is used as a dressing in the treatment of cracking heels, wounds and pore-call. Store the ointment should be in a cool place.

Kashitza from garlic helps:

When alopecia is recommended to grind in a mortar, grated peeled garlic cloves to make a thick paste. Kashitsu put on baldness lesions once a day for 2 hours, then wash your hair with shampoo or toilet soap. The procedure is carried out within 7-10 days. This procedure can be repeated 2-3 times at intervals of 10 day

• To improve hair growth and remove dandruff once a week for 2 hours before shampoo is applied garlic paste. For dry hair, it is better to rub the flesh or pressed garlic juice in a mixture with any vegetable oil, with bold — without adding oil. This procedure should be performed at least 2-3 months.
After applying the suspension of the cover, the heads of garlic or juice should not, so as not to cause irritation.

Recipes of beauty.

Lower face lift. Useful and lemon mask:

• Whip the egg white into a foam mixed with half a lemon juice and salt on the tip of the knife. The mask is recommended for wrinkled skin.

• Mix the beaten egg whites with a tablespoon of olive oil and juice of one lemon. The resulting mixture lubricates the neck at night each day. It is used in sluggish, flabby, wrinkled neck skin.


Beauty Recipes.



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