Best dandruff treatment.

Aromatherapy against dandruff.

Best dandruff treatment.

The appearance of dandruff is one of the most common hair problems that occur during the cold season. According to statistics, about half of adults face this trouble. Many do not even pay attention to dandruff, and in vain! Best dandruff treatment.

Running dandruff can cause hair loss. Not to mention the fact that aesthetically in this little pleasant. Take action to solve the problem of dandruff immediately after you have discovered its first signs on your head.

The epidermis of a healthy scalp consists of 25-35 cell layers.
Passing a natural cycle, each cell moves from the skin depths to the surface and peels off.

From the formation of the cell to its detachment takes about a month. But the epidermis of skin affected by dandruff consists of only 10-15 layers, and the process of cell renewal is accelerating.

They peel off before it’s put. Thousands of cells stick together in scales of different color and size. They are dandruff.

A major role in the appearance of dandruff is played by hormonal disorders, imbalance and emotional disorders. Also, improper nutrition, an overdose of varnishes, gels, hair mousses having a high alcohol content.

Dandruff can also be an allergic reaction to shampoo or hair dye.

Dandruff is an irritated condition that appears after a certain time after washing your head. You can control this process if you wash your head with a suitable shampoo at regular intervals.

Positive results can be achieved if you replace the usual shampoo with medical dandruff shampoo.
Better yet, in a shampoo suitable for your hair type, add essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the hair.

Essential oils have an antifungal and antiseptic effect, although not as pronounced as medications, but they will not do any harm, as they are completely natural.

Essential oils can be added directly to the shampoo or hair balm just before use. In most cases, they are used in a concentration of 5-10 drops per teaspoon of shampoo or balm, in addition to tea tree oil, which can be applied in a pure form when hard conditions are applied, rubbing into the scalp.

You can prepare on the basis of essential oils completely natural hair care products, affected by dandruff:

• Rosemary water: 35 drops of rosemary oil, 50 ml of alcohol, 50 ml of water. Dissolve the oil in alcohol and mix with water. Use this mixture to do a daily scalp massage. Do not rinse.

• Mask for dandruff:
1 teaspoon of honey, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil, 1 yolk, 2 chopped cloves of garlic. Rinse the yolk with honey, add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Rub into the scalp, soak 15 minutes. Rinse hair with infusion of nettle.

• Rinse mixture: mix 20 drops of lemon oil, 20 drops of lavender oil, 20 drops of geranium oil, 20 drops of bergamot oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Add 20 drops of the mixture to rinse water after washing.

• Herbal collection: 100 ml infusion of chamomile and cucumber grass, 3 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of geranium oil. Combine the oil and add to the herbal infusion. Rinse after washing your hair.

• Anti-dandruff lotion: 1 tbsp. a spoon of jojoba oil, 5 drops of tea tree oil, 5 drops of rosemary oil, 10 ml of eucalyptus oil. Stir well and rub into the head 10 minutes before washing.

• Broth from burdock: 10-20 g of dry milled roots of burdock brew in
a glass of boiling water and cook for 10-15 minutes on low heat. Give a little infusion, strain, add to the cooled mass of 5 drops of eucalyptus oil.
Rub the broth into the roots of hair or rinse them hair 2-3 times a week.

The oil of geranium reduces itching, provides an antioxidant and insecticidal effect.
Oil ylang-ylang used to combat hair loss in the XIX century, helps with dandruff and acne.

Juniper oil regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, a good antiseptic.
Myrtle oil is an astringent and deodorant, especially useful for oily hair.

Laurel laurel oil is antimicrobial, purifying, tonic and deodorizing.

Rosemary oil helps with seborrhea, provokes hair growth, perfectly cleanses the skin.
Tea tree oil is an antiviral agent that perfectly cleanses the skin.


Best dandruff treatment.

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