Best hemorrhoid treatment.

Steam from hemorrhoids.

Best hemorrhoid treatment. This story happened to me a long time ago, but still I remember with kindness the man who gave me useful advice.

It happened after I gave birth to my first son. Everything went kind of happily, but I had hemorrhoids.

Best hemorrhoid treatment.

Whatsoever did, what tools did not try — nothing helped.

And here once in a drugstore a very very elderly man has heard how I ask the pharmacist has a «better» remedy for hemorrhoids, and when I came out with a stroller, he overtook me and, apologizing for involuntarily overhearing my request, advised me on an old folk remedy for hemorrhoids.

Of course, I was embarrassed, but politely listened to his advice. And at home I decided: «Why not try it?»,

Especially since there was nothing special to do — just take steam baths from water pepper.

I boiled a large pot of water, threw a thick bundle of this herb, poured the broth into a bucket, and sat down from the top.

I sat there, while the water was warm.

Then she dressed warmly and went to bed.

You know, after the first procedure the pain became less. Every evening I did such steam baths, and after a week and at all all has passed.

Since then many years have passed, and I did not remember this scourge any more.

This recipe helped not only one of my friends, it turns out that in women, hemorrhoids happen more often than men.

Or maybe just representatives of the strong half are not too eager to share such intimate problems. That’s why I decided to write to the newspaper.

Of course, hemorrhoids — this is not such a serious disease, as we say, hypertension, but the problem is no less, and sometimes more.


Best hemorrhoid treatment.

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