Best way to lose weight.

Diet on buckwheat. Best way to lose weight.

There is a huge variety of different types of diets. Among them we can find very exotic options, such as chocolate, and has long been familiar to us the Kremlin diet, diet Larisa Dolina, vegetarianism.

Best way to lose weight.

Recently the increasing popularity receive mono-diet. They suggest eating only of a particular product from all the others have to give up completely. One of the most famous mono-diet — a buckwheat. It shows all wishing to lose weight as those who have excess weight not exceeding 5 kg, and people suffering from obesity. Sticking buckwheat diet to achieve a significant result is not less than one week. However, should not be abused. Maximum of 14 days once every six to eight weeks.

The high efficiency of the diet shows in the fight against so-called «easy» oil. That is «nezalezhalym» him in the wrong places for many years. These are the fatty deposits that have appeared recently and had not intermarry with the owner. The most common example is during pregnancy and lactation, well, or New Year’s holidays. Otherwise, stick to the diet also makes sense. However, the result will be less noticeable. Therefore, the repeated handling of the week will have more often. In the first case a loss of body weight may be up to kilogram per day, in the second — a week.

Now consider how this very buckwheat have to eat and in what quantities.
In the evening, 1 glass pre-washed buckwheat, pour 2 to 2.5 cups of hot boiled water. Cover with a lid and a towel. As such, buckwheat prepare all night. In the morning she will not differ from the taste of cooked cereals. Even on the contrary, more will open its aroma and flavor will be more intense. No salt, spices, oil can not be added to the buckwheat. Kefir permitted only low fat up to a liter. Buckwheat copes with hunger, so look evil hungry eyes on others you do not have.

In addition to the effect of weight loss, buckwheat perfectly cleanses the intestines of toxins, which regularly receives food.

Buckwheat diet received no complaints among physicians. She shows absolutely everything, except, of course pregnant, nursing, and people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. However, it’s worth to consult a doctor before you limit yourself to food.


Best way to lose weight.

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