Calluses on feet.

Diagnosis by calluses on the feet.

Calluses on feet.

Experience and knowledge — a great power. Now many people are addicted to traditional medicine. To treat almost any disease, using as a source of information, books, magazines and newspapers on non-traditional methods of treatment, for the forces of each.

Calluses on feet.

But you first need to identify the disease. Here’s the diagnosis now becomes a real surgeon’s skill. And if the person is able to correctly identify the disease without any equipment, it’s all like magic.

However, this wizard can be every one of you. I offer a proven way of diagnosing diseases — by calluss on the feet. If you look closely at the available on feet permanent calluses, they will point you to possible problems in the body, and even prompt what organs need help.

Calluses on feet.

• Corn under the little finger of the right leg indicates that the liver no longer copes with culinary delights.

• If corn appears under the little finger of the left leg, then we advise you to take care of the heart, and in any case to make a cardiogram.

• The continuous corn under the four small fingers indicates nerve strain, overwork. The same corn also appears those who can not sleep for long periods and suffers prolonged coughing.

• Corn in the form of a horseshoe on the heel shows Abuse locomotor system.

• rough bumps on the outer edges of the thumbs speak about violation of metabolic processes in the body, most often it is hyper- or hypothyroidism.

• If there was a bulge at the base of the base of the thumb and it has a tough bracket, the woman should pay attention to the epididymis, and man — on the prostate gland.


Calluses on feet.

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