Carrot seeds for bronchitis.

Carrot seeds for bronchitis.

Carrot seeds for bronchitis. I will share a simple, reliable and proven recipe for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Pour 1 tablespoon of carrot seeds into a bottle with diluted in half with water / 1: 1 / pure alcohol.

Put the bottle in a warm place for a week, then drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach in between meals. Do not eat or drink anything.
In a few days you will be healthy and forget about your bronchitis.

Potato cakes for bronchitis

My son started to cough badly and the boy was choking.
I cooked 4 medium-sized potatoes in their uniforms, without peeling, crushed them, added 3 teaspoons of soda. You can put honey, but I did without it.

I kneaded the potato mass well and made 2 flat cakes. She wrapped them in clean rags and put them on her son’s back between the shoulder blades and on the chest. The flat cakes should not burn. She wrapped the boy up. Feeling that the cakes began to cool, but still warm, I took them off, wiped my body dry, put on a T-shirt and went to bed myself. The next day, we already celebrated our victory in the competition with tea and cake.

And more advice. If your ear hurts, and there is no boric acid at hand, take a walnut, squeeze out the nut butter with a garlic dish and drip it into your ear. The pain will subside, but see your doctor anyway.

Oil with honey for bronchitis

She was cured according to this recipe:
Place 1 teaspoon of honey (natural), 1 teaspoon of butter (unsalted) in an enamel bowl and heat on gas. Mix until smooth. Cool to a tolerable temperature (check on the skin) and smear (do not rub!) The mixture on the back and chest overnight. Put gauze, cotton wool and cellophane on top.

I did such compresses for a whole month, although after a week it became easier.

Milkshake for bronchitis

It is necessary to mix pork lard, melted and strained through a strainer, unsalted butter, honey (preferably buckwheat) and granulated sugar (all 500 g each). After boiling the resulting mass over low heat for about 5 minutes, add 3 tablespoons of dry cocoa, mix and boil for another 5 — 7 minutes. The medicine is ready. It is taken in the morning on an empty stomach in a tablespoon, mixed with a glass of hot milk.

I checked this recipe personally, because after being discharged from the hospital I drank a “cocktail” to consolidate the effect.

Carrot seeds for bronchitis.

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