Cataract — clouding of the lens.

Cataract — clouding of the lens.

Cataract is a pathological condition associated with clouding the lens of the eye and causing various degrees of visual impairment until its complete loss.

The opacity of the lens is due to the denaturation of the protein that is part of its composition. A cataract sufferer experiences serious inconveniences. The contours of objects are seen as blurred, indistinct, doubling may appear. The disease is widespread.

How to prevent cataract and achieve reverse development?

For a long time it was believed that cataracts are a disease of the elderly, but the statistics prove that the age of the disease has changed and rejuvenated. Cataracts can begin to develop at any age, but people older than 40 are especially vulnerable to it. For women over sixty cataracts are almost inevitable ailment. Cataract — clouding of the lens.

But there is evidence that it is possible to prevent and even reverse its development if treatment is started at an early stage.

The main causes of cataracts.

• Improper nutrition and poisoning of the body. Cataracts are formed when consuming food, in which there is a lot of sugar, fats, white flour products. Poisoning of the body with toxins, problems with the process of releasing the body from the final products of metabolism (excretion).

• Intolerance to fructose. All this contributes its share.

• A sugar substitute (sorbitol), which crystallizes in the eyes, is especially harmful.
Other factors play a role:

• intolerance to certain foods, fatty acids, high cholesterol, poor calcium digestibility,

• imbalance of hormones,

• liver disease, chronic constipation,

• poisoning of the body with heavy metals, a small dose of x-rays or radioactive radiation,

• Drug abuse,

• Adrenaline insufficiency,

• poor blood circulation,

• abnormalities in the spine

• and harmful effects of free radicals.

Change the diet leading to the formation of free radicals (saturated fats, sorbitol, dairy products, products containing toxins) to a balanced high-nutrition diet. Take care to remove toxins from the body.

How to prevent and reverse the development of cataracts.

Specialists in manual therapy and osteopaths can help normalize blood circulation and restore the spine, relieve stress and relieve adrenaline exhaustion and other disorders.

Vitamins and minerals.

With cataracts, the deficiency of vitamins C and B2 is most often observed. Vitamin A (especially eye drops on vitamin A), manganese and zinc are also useful.

Medicinal plants.

Cataract — clouding of the lens. Broth from the leaves of blueberries will help clear the eyes of chemicals. Take tea and tinctures from the eyebrows and rosemary and rose hips. Tea from the eye can be used to compress the eye.

Good results are obtained by the use of aloe vera juice. Bury in the eyes and take it inside.


Under the supervision of a doctor, spend seven days starvation on vegetable and natural fruit juices, as with diabetes or starvation you can only go hungry with the help of a specialist. Every day, do an enema with warm water, then for a week or two eat raw vegetables, nuts, fresh fruit. Add to the diet boiled or baked fish and seaweed. Avoid coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol, sugar substitutes, fats and dairy products. Do not smoke. Do not take antihistamines.

Amino acids

Cataract — clouding of the lens. Insufficiency of proteins can be one of the factors of cataract formation, so a mixture of amino acids obtained from the liver is useful. Cataracts use the following monoamino acids: cystine, lysine, methionine and glutathione.


Massage the fingers and toes, as well as the areas of the skin at their bases for about three minutes several times a day for two weeks, gradually go to a three-hour massage and do it for several months.
Massage also the indentations between the fingers.
Note that some points can be very painful.
Self-massage is very useful.


Use fragrances to stimulate the pituitary (third eye): lavender, sandalwood and myrrh. Never bury essential oils into the eyes.

Emotional treatment

Eyes are the personification of the ability to clearly see the past, the present and the future. Cataract associated with inability to see the bright side of the future, the inability to look forward with joy. A foggy future, a pessimistic outlook on life. Mixed are different things — a life goal and an inability to believe in tomorrow’s joy.

Rejoice in what is happening today, with tomorrow’s deal with later. Remember that you are kept by God, live here and now. Hope that you will have a lot of good in the future. Life is full of joy.


Cataract - clouding of the lens.

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