Catarrhal sore throat.

Catarrhal sore throat.

Herbal tea for gargling with catarrhal sore throat.

The mildest form of angina is catarrhal. If you start treating it on time, there will be no harm to the body; otherwise, complications may develop.

The causes of catarrhal sore throat are pathogenic bacteria that affect the mucous membrane when local immunity is weakened (due to overwork, malnutrition, hypothermia) and cannot resist their activity.

Symptoms of the disease appear suddenly: sore throat, perspiration, redness and swelling (but no purulent plaque).

To get rid of these unpleasant sensations, try gargling with a decoction of plant materials — sage, oak bark and St. John’s wort. They act as antiseptics — they kill bacteria and prevent the spread of infection — and reduce inflammation.

In addition, sage and oak bark are also natural anesthetics. Tannins in their composition have an astringent effect: inflamed tissues become denser, blood vessels narrow, swelling and pain decrease.


Sage leaves — 1 tbsp l.
Oak bark — 1 tbsp. l.
St. John’s wort — 3 tbsp. l.
Water — 500 ml


Mix the ingredients.
Take 1 tbsp. l. the resulting collection, pour into a heat-resistant container. Pour in 500 ml of boiling water.
Place in a boiling water heater for 30 minutes.
Remove the container and let it sit at room temperature for 10 minutes, then strain the mixture.
Gargle with warm herbal tea several times a day.


Destruction of bacteria.
Elimination of pain.
Removal of inflammation.
Softening the throat, eliminating unpleasant perspiration.

Catarrhal sore throat.

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