Charges from arrhythmia.

Charges from arrhythmia.

1. Take 25 grams of sunflower petals, the roots of the field gland and birch leaves. Add 10 grams of spring adonis. The crushed mixture in the amount of a dessert spoon is poured into a glass of hot water. It is kept on low heat for about ten minutes after boiling. A filtered folk remedy is taken several times a day before meals. The duration of treatment for any form of arrhythmia is a month.

2. Take 1 tbsp. l pharmacy chamomile, mint, fennel fruits, valerian roots, caraway fruits. 500 ml of water are steamed and boiled for 10 minutes. Drink a glass in the evening.

3. Take in equal proportions the fruits of fennel and rose hips, the leaves of the horn and the shift, the leaves of strawberries and digitalis, shoots of rosemary. One art. a spoonful of the mixture is ground to a powder and pour 320 ml of boiling water. They languish on fire for 10 minutes. Chilled and filtered composition is drunk in 50 ml. Repeat four times a day.

4. Take the same amount of leaves of coltsfoot, spring adonis grass, rowan fruits, motherwort grass, apple peel, burdock root, peppermint grass, blackberry and tatarnar leaves, levzea roots and cucumber. A tablespoon of the collection is ground. 230 ml of water are added. It is kept on low heat for about fifteen minutes. Drink 45 ml, repeating treatment three times a day.

Charges from arrhythmia.

5. 5 grams mix calendula flowers, sweet clover grass, wild strawberry leaves, rose hips and hawthorn, chicory root, digitalis leaves, asparagus roots and mint grass. Two dessert spoons are separated, combined with water and sent to the fire. After boiling, boil for seven to eight minutes. The filtered broth is consumed four times in 24 hours, 40 ml each.

6. The prescription is indicated for any form of arrhythmia. Elecampane, licorice and ginseng are mixed in a ratio of 2: 5: 1. Take 120 grams of collection, steamed 800 ml of water. Boil for ten minutes. After cooling, add 100 grams of honey. Consume every three hours a few tablespoons.

7. Take in equal proportions the leaves of wild strawberries, rhizomes of hellebore and valerian, the fruits of common mountain ash, the roots of burdock and dandelion, grass lemon balm and oregano, curly thistle. Five grams are taken, 220 ml of hot water is steamed. After a couple of hours they are sent to the fire, brought to a boil and simmer for about twenty minutes. A filtered broth is drunk in 40 ml five times a day.

8. In equal amounts mix the bark of white willow, shoots of wild rosemary, flowers of common mountain ash, leaves of coltsfoot, fruits of hawthorn, roots of dandelion, astragalus and motherwort. Eight grams are taken, 300 ml of water is poured and simmer for twenty minutes over low heat. Let stand, filter. Use 40 ml three times a day.

Charges from arrhythmia.

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